How NCL industries sustained growth during the lockdown

How NCL industries sustained growth during the lockdown - Digpu News

NCL Industries recorded an astounding 390% growth on year-on-year comparison basis for Q2 which speaks volumes of its seriousness and commitment to the business.

The global Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in 2020 has had a huge disruptive impact on people as well as businesses across the globe. However, at NCL Industries, this was the time to evaluate, consolidate, innovate and ensure the growth cycle continues to be Positive.

Roopa Bhupatiraju, Executive Director for NCL Industries, who has been made responsible for NCL’s brand Duradoor and has also taken an active role in developing a robust marketing strategy and brand Identity for NCL, including the flagship brand, Nagarjuna cement, gives us a breakdown of how NCL Industries managed to sustain this remarkable growth during this period of uncertainty. She states –

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Mrs. Roopa Bhoopathiraju – Executive Director for NCL Industries Limited
  • While there were major supply chain issues across the sector, at Nagarjuna Cement we ensured that the existing operations had to continue, to supply the required quantities to the World’s largest irrigation projects “The Polavaram Project “in Andhra Pradesh and Kaleshwaram Project in Telangana. Since the Governments of AP & Telangana were keen to complete the projects on time the major challenge faced by the projects was the supply of Cement. Precision planning of Operations and managing logistics ensured the supply of Cement on time. The operations management strategy also ensured our preparedness as the markets opened up.
  • A 390% growth on a year-on-year comparison basis speaks volumes of the seriousness and commitment to the business at NCL Industries.
  • Apart from the growth registered in the Cement unit, we strived to support our customers and distributors by maintaining uninterrupted supply of our products BISON PANEL and DURADOOR. This also allowed them to continue their operations without causing them any further delays or economic burden. Through dynamic pricing and continued product availability, NCL Industries was able to meet the demand for products during these difficult times.
  • Fortunately, our new robust marketing strategy and brand positioning of the company kicked in just at the right time with its first integrated marketing campaign which resulted in positive growth across the brands. With an eye to capture urban markets and customers and for a wider reach the brand Nagarjuna Cement signed onboard one of the biggest south stars of Telugu cinema, Varun Tej Konidela as its brand ambassador. Innovative and differentiated campaign with the brand ambassador ensured Nagarjuna Cement make much wider penetration into new markets and an increase in demand in the existing markets.