Empowering True Journalism

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Empowering True Journalism

Empowering Journalism to a Level that it will Contribute towards Free Journalism and Fulfil the Mission: ‘Free Voice with A Critical Edge’

The media plays an important role in society. In the absence of free journalism, a poor country becomes poorer, hungry and corrupt. A free and transparent media presence in a country will lead to development, peace, financial freedom and a corruption-free society.

In a country like India, the news and media industry has been divided into two separate groups.

  • On one side, there are media houses who directly favour the BJP-led Government in power at the Centre.
  • On the other side, there are news organisations who favour Opposition parties like the Congress, TMC, AAP etc.

As much as 90% of the Indian media houses and agencies in India are run either by politicians or corporates. They utilize and manipulate the media in fulfilling their own personal interests and greed. There are a handful of freelance journalists in India, who work with dedication and fulfil their duties towards the country. But these journalists cannot alone fight against a lobby created over the past 100 years.

There is another community of journalists and writers in India, who want to fulfil their duties but fail to do so due to limited opportunities and lack of finance. Most of them have previously worked with big media houses once, but quit as their conscience did not allow them to work in a manipulative environment.

Some of them started their own regional newspapers, online news portals, while some other few started news channels and depended on social media platforms to fulfil their livelihood.

Digpu News Network is building a community of such journalists from all over the country. We are identifying such journalists and creating numerous opportunities for them so that they can contribute to society without worrying much about finances and other challenges. 

How we create opportunities for Journalists Involved in True Journalism

  • We add their news properties (newspapers, online portals and social media accounts) to our news packages and add revenue through banner ads and press release content.
  • We promote them by circulating them in our newsletters, to agencies and clients.
  • We help them spruce up their technology by redesigning their websites, providing them free servers etc.
  • We provide them with tips to increase subscriber base.
  • We also help them financially by offering them a monthly fixed income.
  • We give them opportunities to cover interviews scheduled by us in their particular region.
  • We share their important news content in our feed network so that they will get a recognition.

We are working on several other opportunities like Native Ads, Video Ads etc to generate more revenue for these portals so that they can contribute towards a noble cause through True Journalism.

Revenue Generated for Digital News Channels

We have generated a revenue of Rs 3.65 crore in the past two years (2019-2021) and distributed it to more than 400 news portals, journalists and reporters. In the process, we have not kept any profit margins for us. We have made it a point to circulate the entire revenue by keeping our original cost on operations. Let us state here that we are not here for any sort of commercial opportunity, but we would like it to be an initiative for the people.

Publishers Join us

If you are a journalist, reporter or news writer practising True Journalism and running your own regional news portal, newspaper or magazine, please join hands with us. Let us together work towards the betterment of Indian Journalism.