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Partnership opportunities as Digpu Associate Partners

Digpu Associate Partner

Digpu News Network (India’s Largest PR and News Distribution Agency) is inviting business owners, companies to join us as an Associate Partners in Jaipur (for Rajasthan), Indore / Bhopal (for MP) and Lucknow (UP & Bihar). 

Digpu Associate Partner?

A Digpu Associate Partner takes care of all operations and holds the legal rights to the Digpu News Network within the assigned territory. As an associate partner, you partake in profit-sharing across various models such as Digital PR, Video Interview PR Programs, Advertising Revenue, YouTube Revenue, News Content Distribution and all other revenue models, encompassing journalism.

Role and Responsibilities of Digpu Associate Partner

  1. Managing Digpu Digital and YouTube content within the designated territory.
  2. Overseeing digital PR and Video PR Programs in the assigned region.
  3. Leading team development and management responsibilities.
  4. Handling all financial aspects, including local office rentals, salaries, and procurement of necessary gadgets (laptops, computers, cameras, etc).
  5. Taking charge of existing and new client relationships in the given territory, with all leads directed to the respective associate partner.
  6. Active participation in day-to-day operations.
  7. Adhering to company policies, and programs, and completing assignments as directed by the Head Office.
Digital Media Market Analysis - Digpu

The Indian digital media market is projected to reach over INR 424 billion by 2024. DNN, with its focus on regional news channels and digital PR excellence, is positioned to tap into this growing market.

Organization Structure Associate Partners

DNN’s organizational structure is designed to empower Associate Partners, who will be responsible for handling digital and YouTube PR programs as well as news content (text and video both) in their respective territories. The company provides extensive support, including a 3-month training program, content creation, and regular sales leads. 

Investment Structure: Working Capital

To become an Associate Partner, a minimum working capital of 50 lakh is required for a duration of 12 months. The investment is expected to yield a Return on Investment (ROI) of 40% within the initial 1st year.

Digpu News Network - DNN Clients

Who comprises our client base?

Fortunately, our industry is such that virtually every individual, company, and brand becomes our client. Presently, we are actively collaborating with 2200 startups, MSMEs, corporates, individuals, and agency partners. From small coffee outlets and retail showrooms to celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists, political leaders, startups, MSMEs, and large corporations—everyone seeks media attention for reputation building, brand development, sales growth, and marketing purposes and lot more.

Employee Structure (first 06 months)

Sr No. Role Qty
1.Anchors for News and Interview Purposes02
2.Journalist / Ground Reporters 03
3.Media Sales Team for Startups, MSME’s, Corprates and Retail 04
4.Accounts Team01
5.Camera Handling – For Daily Ground Reporting and Interview Coverage04
6.Customer support Team02
Employement Structure table for the 1st 06 months

Support and Training

DNN offers comprehensive support, including training, content creation, and ongoing guidance. The company handles deliverables like video interviews, publications, and digital PR programs. Associate Partners will receive detailed plans in advance.

Eligibility Criteria for Associate Partners

  1. Reputed Expertise:
    • Individuals or companies seeking Associate Partnership should demonstrate a reputable understanding of geographical, political, and market dynamics in their respective territories.
  2. Background Check:
    • All Associate Partners must undergo a thorough background check to ensure integrity and trustworthiness.
  3. Professional Experience:
    • A minimum of five years of substantial working experience in any field is required for eligibility.
  4. Digital Literacy:
    • Associate Partners should possess a solid understanding of internet, social media, and the digital news and media industry.
  5. Preferred Backgrounds:
    • Preferred individual partners include those with backgrounds in the Media Industry, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Law, and former Indian Government employees.
    • Preferred company partners include those with expertise in Media, PR (Public Relations), Information Technology, and Digital Marketing.

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