Meet Subhash Gurjar, the new face in the Indian Startup fraternity

Meet Subhash Gurjar, the new face in the Indian financial market - Digpu News

Subhash Gurjar swears by his illustrious experience and says nothing can be achieved without discipline.

Most of us dream about creating a better world for everyone. Some succeed and some fail. Here is a success story of a visionary from a small town, Karauli in Rajasthan.

 Subhash Gurjar has become an inspiration to many. Son of Army personnel, Late Shri Bharat Singh, he got into Army school where he got exposure to learning different cultures of India. The school had students from every state and since the school was managed by the Ministry of defence so Discipline, time management and love for the country was the prime focus. His inspiration was his family, he admired his father and followed his footsteps. Being the eldest in the family gave him a sense of responsibility and self-dependency. Academically, he was a smart student since the beginning, he started taking tuitions when he was in class 11th.

In his early age, he understood the value of discipline and while studying for his graduation in Commerce college of Jaipur, he started an Institution called “Success Commerce Horizon”. He had as much as 80 students in the first year of opening and it became a successful business for him while he was pursuing his graduation.

After completing an MBA in Finance and Marketing, he was inducted into ICICI Bank as Unit Manager. But his passion for the acquiring and imparting education gave him the way back in the industry. Subhash Gurjar got an offer from Shekhawati Education City where he took up the role as Director Administration. After working in an educational group for a long period, he understood the value of technology and moved to Ascent Technology Consulting as Vice President Products and Operations. A Company that deals with the fintech industry through financial control and business continuity.

“I have learnt through my experience that hard work may be the key to success but discipline is the pathway to that door. I have seen that in my family and I see that in my team.” Said Subhash Gurjar.

His growth and exposure to various industries made Subhash Gurjar aware of the gap between industry expectations and available skill sets of manpower. He envisions filling that gap and creating a better world for both ‘the industry and humanity’. His aspirations for creating a financial ecosystem for MSMEs and small business houses that covers all the aspects of the financial world which include compliances, consultancy and products.

While sharing his future plans “ There is something unique on the way and my team is working hard on the same. It will be launched in the new financial year. At this point, we can only share that this idea will make life easy for businesses for their day-to-day operations and compliances. Stay safe and healthy in this pandemic time.”