Reinventing Management Education, the IPE Way

Reinventing Management Education, the IPE Way - Institute Of Public Enterprise - Digpu News

Hyderabad-based, Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) has been reinventing Management Education since its inception in 1964.

Business Schools across the country have been sought after by students ever since India started its trek towards being a global financial powerhouse. The country has come a long way forward after the Asian tiger nomenclature saw it do wonders on the socio-economic horizon. As the nation surges ahead in its bid to climb on top of the podium that hosts the world’s largest nations in terms of economic development, the management education scenario too may be seen as having got its well-deserved due.

This is clear from the number of business schools that have mushroomed across the country over the past few decades. While many had come into being after the liberalisation era and have blossomed with their expertise in management education, some others have ended up as just also-rans. The demand for quality management education had turned out to be the norm as India’s economic aspirations saw a leap.

Standing head and shoulders above all the management education institutions that had mushroomed over the past few years is a B-school that has a history dating back to the 1960s. Significant is the fact the Hyderabad-based Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), which came into being in 1964 as an autonomous non-profit society, is one of India’s premier AICTE-approved Management Institutes today. A look at historical data speaks of the manner in which IPE has succeeded in transforming students into leaders who by way of having imbibed the best education at the institute have been serving in India and abroad and the society at large.

Human resources that meet industry requirements

With the goal of growing into an institute of choice for social science research and management education, and contributing to the excellence of organisation and society, IPE has on its learning menu management education, research, consultancy, and training. After having rolled out its first two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme in the year 1995, IPE has been in the business of offering skilled human resources to meet the requirements of the industry with much success, year after year.

IPE has made it a habit to anticipate well in advance and respond to the needs of social science and management research for various platforms, including that of both the government and corporate sectors, and also the society, through its social science research and management education formats.

Further to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme, IPE went a step forward and reviewed the market for demands so as to chart out a cutting-edge curriculum for the future. Thus, was born the new functional & sector-specific PGDM programmes in the areas of Marketing, Banking Insurance Financial Services, International Business and Human Resource Management.

For an institute born in 1964, the understanding of the domain and the experience that it has gathered over the decades have stood in good stead. The long years of experience in imparting management education through its contemporary, industry-specific and functional specific educational programmes have imbibed faith in students and captivated unparalleled patronage from the corporate world who visits every passing year to pick the best of talent from IPE’s classrooms.

Diving deeper into the laurels that have come IPE’s way would put on full display the manner in which the institute has redefined management education over the years. Prime on the list is the accolades that the industry, government and social sector enterprises have presented to the institute over the years. The enterprises that have benefitted from the talent acquisition they have been effectively doing over the past so many decades, and keep coming back to the IPE campus for more.

Quality education and the IPE success story

The long-term engagement IPE has with the management education scenario has been an example of what terrain the institutes that offer business education should tread on.  With the industry all for the IPE brand of quality learning, the institute has also made it a point to update the content and teaching methodology of its courses. The feedback from students, alumni, employers and parents has been a catalyst for the reinvention of its curriculum in the best possible way.

That explains why IPE has been consistently been ranked among the leading B-Schools in India by the country’s reputed organisations. The management education format that has undergone a change towards better quality and professionalism has made IPE a recipient of ‘The South Asian Quality Assurance System’ (SAQS), a premium accreditation label of the SAARC region.

Management education from IPE has turned out to be a prestigious affair for graduates passing out of various colleges across the country. Constantly reinventing its management education portfolio, the Hyderabad-based Institute of Public Enterprise stands foremost amongst the B-schools in the country. Looking to secure admission at the IPE, jump over to this page.