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Press Release FAQ

Welcome to our faq section, we have tried our level best to give you an understanding of the process for online press releases publication. We have covered all frequently asked questions, however, if you need more information you can contact us. Check press release faq below

  1. What is the process of Online Press Release publication?

    Step 1: You can select any of our pre-developed news packages or can choose your preferred news channels from the list provided by us. Before any progress first of all we need to check your content.
    Step 2: Once the content is been approved by our editorial team, our accounts team will issue a Proforma-Invoice. On successful payments, the article will be shared with our content wiring team for proofreading.
    Step 3: Before publication, a preview link with the final content and image will be shared with you for approval and thereafter it will be shared with other news channels.
    Step 4: After publication on the news channels, we take 48 hours to share the entire publication report.
    Step 5: After successful publication, we will issue a Tax-Invoice.

  2. Do you provide ‘Assured’ publications on mentioned news channels? press release faq

    It’s Digpu News Network who introduced the concept of Assured Publication in the global PR news industry. Yes, we work on the Assured Publication model.

  3. How many days will the publication take? press release faq

    Publication TATA depends on your selected packages or a channel. For mainstream news channels, publications will only be made on weekdays, i.e. Monday to Friday and usually takes 2-3 working days. Wherein, packages like Digpu Indian news network and Global News network, publication TAT is the same day. Check the media deck for more information on packages.

  4. How I can check live links after publication? press release faq

    After a successful publication, we take a minimum of 48-72 hours to share a publication report. A report with all live links will be shared on your provided email address. 

  5. Will the publications remain forever? Will they ever be archived or deleted ever?

    The lifetime validity of the links is one of the main USPs of Digpu. Every news content distributed via Digpu News Network will never get removed or deleted. However, there are many news channels that shift links to archives.

  6. Who will prepare the news content?

    We are having a dedicated in-house team of journalists and content writers, that can create newsworthy content for your brand. You can share your own developed content or hire a freelance content writer.

  7. Can I make edits after publication?

    We will share a preview link before publication. You can make edits once at this stage before publication. However, minor amendments are possible in special circumstances.

  8. Is there any word limit for a news article?

    For press release publication 700 words are the maximum limit. Every 100 words over the maximum word limit will be charged additionally.

  9. Can I put my website link within news content?

    A maximum of 02 external links are allowed within the content.

  10. How many images can be published within the content?

    A single featured image with a resolution of 1200×650 pixels is recommended. The number of images depends on the channel policy.

  11. Do you publish stories of an individual’s achievements?

    Yes, we accept content from individuals. We will publish your achievements story on your selected package or a channel.

  12. What are the modes of payment Digpu accepts?

    We accept net banking from all the major banks, Debit/Credit cards, UPI and Paypal.

  13. I am an Individual and I do not have a GST Number. How to proceed?

    As per the Government of India regulation, an 18% GST is mandatory on digital publications and 5% on print. No matter whether you have a GST number or not but you need to pay GST. GST is not applicable on any payments made in foreign currency like USD, Euro, Yan etc

  14. What if my publication doesn’t happen?

    We have a simple Refund Policy, in any case, if your content does not get published, we will make a 100% refund within a maximum of 72 hours.

  15. Is a Video link from YouTube or an MP4 video is allowed within the content?

    Yes, it is allowed but will be done on additional charges.

  16. Will I get a Do-Follow link?

    We have developed a Do-Follow link package of 60 news channels. Kindly refer to the media deck page for more information.

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