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Press Release Distribution Model

Over the past three years, Digpu News Network (DNN) has successfully distributed thousands of press releases to more than 500 online news channels, including the Indian mainstream media. We take pride in the fact that we have introduced mainstream media channels to the public relations domain with the promise of ‘Assured Publication’ to the global PR industry.

This apart, we have also successfully educated 5000-plus brands and individuals on digital press releases and their impact on businesses.

Our press release distribution model has been developed in such a way that it would help a community of Indian journalists who practice True Journalism. It also aims at successfully linking them with deserving businesses by aiding them to publish their stories in the global media space.

Realistic News Channels

Ninety percent of the news channels that are offered feeds by PR agencies in the market are owned by developers who have no relationship whatsoever with news and journalism. We are glad that none of our feed channels belongs to website development companies. All our feed network publishers practice ‘Real Journalism’ and belong to journalists who have spent their lifetimes doing good journalism. Your small support will help them survive and make things better for society. 

Ethical Practices of Press Release Distribution:

We have rejected 400+ brands over the past few years, owing to the fact that they want us to write fake, exaggerated stories about their ventures. For us, creating links aimed at social media verification and blue ticks is a Big No. Our mission is to publish stories only for those brands and companies involved in the creation and marketing of realistic products and services.

Newsworthy Content: 

What actually matters on the media terrain is quality content. Though there are many who tend to select large news channels for their news to be published, such stories may not even reach broadcast space if the content provided has nothing to do with news. This is where we come in. We are a team of experienced journalists, reporters and news writers who have the experience and training to prepare newsworthy content for your company. 

Affordable Fees

We have developed a feed network of online news publishers involved in True Journalism. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, our news content reaches as many as 693 districts of India. We have made it a point that we would charge only a nominal fee to our clients and serve them throughout the year by creating their stories and publishing them on multiple Indian news channels, newspapers, aggregators and social media platforms.

Content Strategy

We don’t follow the oft-repeated random processes while preparing news stories. Rather, we understand the requirement of our clients and prepare news content offering scope for further follow-ups. With an abundance of content available to pick across the web, you would need extraordinary content along with the regular press material to be disseminated across the news media space. Digpu News Network is your one-stop-shop to call upon for such requirements.

Perfect Timings of Publication

Do you know the best timings to get your news content published? Every country has its own timings and that is when people stay longer on the internet looking for the best content. Publishing during the wrong time will not bring you the results you expect. We, at Digpu, would ensure that your content gets published at the most appropriate timings, thereby fulfilling your expectations.

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