(Kunwar) Devender Singh - Founder Member at Digpu News Network

(Kunwar) Devender Singh

(Kunwar) Devender Singh is an independent researcher, social activist and writer. After 12 years of working in the Media, IT and Telcom industry, he started his first venture ‘Save Earth’ in the years 2011 (A project based on controlling E-Waste). In the year 2015, he laid the foundation ‘Brave Hearts Welfare Foundation’ (BHWF). BHWF is India’s first suicide prevention lifeline for Indian Armed Forces. Brave Hearts is the only NGO in the globe today that does not accept any donations.  BHWF is working on various research projects based on Human Behavior. 

According to Devender, “Media plays an important role in the society. In the absence of free journalism, a country becomes poorer, corrupt and unsecured”. This motivated him to enter the news and media sector.

Digpu created a bridge between deserving Indian skills and global media, along with its mission to help Indian regional news publishers and journalists involved in True Journalism.