Our Story

How we started – The inception story of DIGPU

Our humble but ambitious journey actually started in the year 2014 when a Mumbai based client of ours who belonged from the wellness industry, approached us to get a news article published and distributed on behalf of their brand. We approached a few wire agencies based out of the U.S and India for the task and got the job done. However, to our utter surprise, we found that the links were removed within a couple of months of their publication.

As we started to publish and distribute press release content for more and more of our clients, we noticed that this process of link removal was a constant. The primary reason for this according to us was that none of the wire agencies who were doing our work was connected to premium news channels and almost all their associations were with low traffic websites.

Apart from this, whatever content was published and distributed through these wire agencies, was made to carry their logo. As a result, even after spending hefty sums, we were dissatisfied with their services and the widespread issues during the publication as well as the post-publication stages.

Our research on Indian media & journalism that followed this horrible experience of ours revealed stupefying results.

We came to know that while most of the news channels in the country indulged in TRP journalism with no space for the promotion of startups, SMEs and small businesses, the condition of journalists in Tier 2,3 and 4 cities was nothing short of miserable.

While lanky media houses enjoyed luxury and comfort, ground-level journalists were struggling for their survival.

Colloboration with Indian Regional News Channels

Following our market research and experience, in 2017 we started forging a network of our own, made up of regional and mainstream news channels. In about two years, by the end of the year 2019, we had managed to stitch partnerships with 55+ regional news channels started from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This was for the first time that a media company was collaborating with news channels based out of Tier 2,3 and 4 cities.

Affordable Mainstream Media

However, the biggest hurdle we faced was to make publishing with premium news channels affordable as well as cost-effective. With time and extra-ordinary effort, Digpu managed to overcome this hurdle to the effect that the majority of wire agencies today, are lowering their otherwise towering prices just in order to stay relevant in the market and we can proudly say that this has been the Digpu Effect.

Assured Publication – The Name Given To The Industry

Regardless of how we have managed to change, shape and revolutionize the market, assured publications and the lifetime of the Press Release still remain the indispensable trait and the ultimate USP of Digpu News Network.

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