Looking for smartphone accessories of your choice Planet Cart has it all

Looking for smartphone accessories of your choice? Planet Cart has it all

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Planet Cart comes from the house of Camsols E-Commerce Private Ltd, who are proven experts in the online sales space.

It is, indeed, a blossoming era for eCommerce around the world, and the online sales platforms have been adding up every passing day. With the eCommerce revolution touching its zenith, a slew of companies has successfully tapped the arena. The rush to grab available opportunities on the online sales terrain continues with the same vigour and the industry segment has been seeing many new names making the most of the scenario.

Adding to the competition and also winning it hands down is Planet Cart, a fairly new entrant with a focus on premium mobile accessories. Significantly, Planet Cart comes from the house of Camsols E-Commerce Private Limited, who are proven experts in online selling. Camsols has been in the business of online selling and provides services that help clients increase their sales on various websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

With years of experience in managing eCommerce websites for customer companies across India, Camsols came up with the idea of launching its own eCommerce platform in the year 2014. With a wide-ranging menu of premium mobile accessories, ranging from add-ons to be used with smart devices from companies such as Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and more, Planet Cart has already made a name in the online accessories marketplace in the country.

Planet Cart offers well-crafted, affordable style statements

Planet Cart has on its sales racks affordable style statements crafted with meticulous attention to detail by the company’s own in-house designers and product development team. The success of Planet Cart lies in the fact that the online sales marketplace delivers products that are ordered on its eCommerce platform in a customised fashion, so as to suit the occasion of the purchase.

According to Chattar Mahinder Singh, CEO of Planet Cart, “We conceived the idea of an online marketplace in a bid to offer the best luxurious smartphone accessories to our online customers at very affordable prices. Planet Cart was born out of this idea. Currently, our team of young entrepreneurs with years of expertise in creating and selling the best smartphone accessories, makes it a point that any product sold through Planet Cart would suit customer expectations, needs, and style”.

Planet Cart rides the mission statement of ‘Protection without Compromise’, and offers specially created smartphone accessories, ranging from smartphone covers, AirPods, earbuds, and chargers, for its customers.  The online store has on its menu, iPhone cases, Samsung cases, OnePlus cases, tempered screen guards, Airpod cases Apple Watch straps and more. Significant about these products available only on Planet Cart is that each one of them comes with a beautiful design and military-grade protection.

Top-quality products, affordable pricing

Advantages of purchasing smart mobile accessories from Planet Cart include the affordable pricing mechanism the company has rolled out, top quality products, secured and fast shipping and more. Customers will be able to make their concerns, if any, known directly to executives at Planet Cart by way of a 24×7 customer support system, and also live chat support.

Besides the various smartphone accessories offered, Planet Cart is looking to make its foray into the home and dining segment. The company will have on its online store a wide range of home and dining essentials in a short while from now.

It has been a great ride for the Planet Cart’s parent Camsols e-Commerce Private Ltd, with revenues posted as of the end of March 2021 zooming by 225 per cent compared to the figures at the end of March 31, 2020. Around 140 vendors are currently on the Camsols product portfolio, and around 30 of them are large players from across India. PlanetCart looks to expand its range of products in the coming months, with more customers placing orders on its eCommerce platform. Place your orders on the Planet Cart website.

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