Dr Shriyans Jain, Third-Gen Medico And A Gifted Healer

Dr Shriyans Jain, Third-Gen Medico And A Gifted Healer - Digpu News

With over 18 years of experience, Dr Shriyans Jain has created an open environment in the Psycho-sexology space.

Swasth Bharat Ratna awardee, Dr Shriyans Jain is a very reputed name in the healthcare industry. Born in Lucknow, he inherited a legacy of healing from his family. Son to renowned Psyco-sexologist Dr Shail Kumar and grandson of famous Ayurvedacharya of his times Raj Vaidh. Chandra Kumar Jain. Dr Shriyans Jain now leads the family-run Burlington Clinic Pvt Ltd as its CEO.

He has been crowned with the Swasth Bharat Ratna Award for his contribution in healthcare sector. An MBBS and MD HIMS from Garhwal University, PGCSD Mumbai, he holds several exceptional awards and accolades in his name. He is known for his expertise in sexology.

Dr Shriyans Jain’s compassion and dedication to duty is what people visit him for, at New Delhi and Noida branch of Burlington Clinic. With his achievements and client feedbacks as his biggest merit, he is also notably famous for his clear diagnosis. Not just that, several patients attest that he charted out the appropriate treatment for their speedy recovery. His in-depth knowledge and experience in Allopathy and Ayurveda have brought him ahead along with time.

Prior to the pandemic, people would take their health for granted and wouldn’t really pay attention to their wellness as well. This has been a major cause of various health issues and even sexual problems and disorders. People are not even able to open up about their sexual problems generally. However, in the 18 years of dedication to his profession, Dr Shriyans Jain has created an open environment in this space. His patients easily discuss their issues with him and he has been providing the best solutions to them. 

Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old and Dr Shriyans travels abroad frequently to speak about its benefits. He has saved many couples from the discord between them by guiding them about proper medication and information about their issues. He has even helped several childless couples with his knowledge. An affordable consultation and years of experience also bring people to him.

As per Dr Shriyans Jain, sexual dysfunction is not a disease. Its solution depends on the physical and physiological condition of the patient. It may cause stress and relationship issues between couples. It sometimes leads to loss of physical and mental confidence of a person. 

Some of the major causes of sexual dysfunction are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, among others. Actually, a type of sexual trauma, sexual dysfunction has been perfectly treated at Burlington clinic by Dr Shriyans Jain. He treats patients based on the information gathered about their past life, sexual activity along with proper medications.

While several patients don’t talk about sexual problems due to trust issues, Burlington Clinic emphasizes on the importance of confidentiality between doctors and patients. Dr Shriyans Jainhas got the specialization in Infertility, Male & Female Sexual Problems, STDs, Weight loss, Obesity and more such issues.

With international delivery of medicines and consultations, Dr Shriyans Jain is known across the world as a reputed psycho-sexologist. He has several accolades in his name such as The Mother Theresa Excellence Award by the Govt. of India, International Sexologist Award by Govt. of Thailand, Life Time Achievement Award by Govt. of United Kingdom, Bharat Samman Excellence Award. By Govt. of Nepal and International Medical Excellence Award by Govt. of United Arab Emirates.

For more information visit www.burlingtonclinics.com and www.drshriyansjain.com or visit their Youtube channel.