Imparting quality education, a dream realised by this academician duo

Imparting quality education, a dream realised by this academician duo - Digpu News

Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Purvi Gupta have realized their dream of creating a state-of-the-art management campus in Ahmedabad.

In an era when B-Schools tend to focus on only the ‘B’ most of the time, the Schooling part gets dropped by the wayside. It isn’t that all of them toe this line, but there have been many instances where students, parents, and the academician have expressed concern over the way many such institutions function.

It is in this context that the Ahmedabad-based Narayana Business School (NBS) stands tall as a totally different entity that has ‘education with an employability focus’ as its central theme.

The best part about NBS is that it got its shape due to the committed efforts from two top-level academics. Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Purvi Gupta have strived to realize their dream of creating a state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced management campus in Ahmedabad. And they did.

Now when they look back at the two decades that have passed, they are glad that they could build an institution that stands firm, not on its business model or the money at its base, but the academic ethics that have catapulted it to a place among the best-loved institution in India.  The dream learning space Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Purvi Gupta founded twenty years ago, is a sprawling campus where the best minds teach and the best minds of the future are hatched.

Narayana Business School has blossomed into a space where students get transformed into leaders of the coming era. The founders’ zeal to provide quality and innovative education led to the noble beginning of Narayana Business School, and their wholehearted efforts have now aided the institution to grow in leaps and bounds.

Where education stems from the passion to learn

After two decades, and more than 8500 successful corporate careers, Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Purvi Gupta are proud to have built an institution that has scaled the pinnacle of excellence. Narayana Business School has now grown into a pioneer innovative management school.

Looking at the growth of the institution over the two-decade period, NBS is a case study in itself owing to the fact that the institution has been able to shape the future of aspirants through innovation, quality education and world-class research.

Along with shaping students to pursue the best corporate careers, NBS makes it imperative that the faculty would handhold them in leading a growing nation poised to be among the topmost economies of the world.

Imparting quality education, a dream realised by this academician duo - Digpu News

No money-mindedness, the passion is for imparting quality education

With laudable changes having been effected in the management education scenario, most of the time learning has been oriented towards wealth creation. Though the creation of wealth in the industry scene has been seen as a norm, Narayana Business School has made it a point that money would never be at the centre of its operations.

Conceived as a premier educational entity with a focus on providing quality education when it was set up two decades ago, Narayana Business School has ensured that it isn’t all about just business.

The academician duo of Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Purvi Gupta weighed the idea of a perfect business school where business is taught along with skills needed to lead a burgeoning economy and came up with the idea.

The mission centres around shaping the future of aspirants through innovation, quality education and world-class research. With interactive and inclusive learning, focused sharply on students’ skills and attributes developing cultural agility, flexibility and ability to compete in the global markets, Narayana Business School is today a leader in the management and business education scenario.

Life lessons and enhancement of skill sets

The Narayana Business School campus stands tall and at par with international universities. Spread across more than 10 acres of lush green land, the campus has been laid out in consonance with nature so that students who enrol are comfortable.

Students at NBS are imparted life lessons that would help them place themselves in enviable positions as soon as they start their careers. Besides, they learn for themselves the myriad lessons that life would teach them, and those that they would want to learn in their bid to carve a comfortable future.

Apart from the slew of opportunities that open before them in terms of curriculum as well as good living, the campus offers networking opportunities, financial support, and industry mentoring for the successful launch of start-ups for students who pass out of the institution.

It is here that the state-of-the-art NBSpreneurs Cell assumes immense significance. Novel ideas are incubated at the cell, and it also offers students mentorship guidance, and financial and infrastructural support too.

Further, NBS strives to impart interactive and inclusive learning so as to develop student skills and attributes that help in developing cultural agility, flexibility and ability to compete in the global market.

A 360-degree development of management aspirants is ensured, by striving towards developing strong competencies. Advance simulation, market-driven value-added programs that complement the management students is a priority area at the campus.

All these aside, the value-added programs at NBS form an integral part of the curriculum and they provide students with opportunities for employment. Certification programs required for the students to function in the industry are also undertaken. Certifications in SAP, Microsoft Office Specialist, Digital Marketing, Personality Development and more are part of this program. Another significant one is the Narayana Employability Enhancement Program (NEEP), which is designed to help students in their preparation for recruitment through campus or outside the campus.

A sense of community

Students at NBS are provided exposure to all that happens around them within the campus and outside of it too.  Students are in fact exposed to a diverse set of cultural backgrounds that would aid in making a difference in their own performance in a positive way. By way of this, they stand to gain by developing global insights and learning processes. This mode of study would help them utilize their innate strengths and develop themselves intellectually, and as better human beings.

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