TechGlare Deals showcases an ad-free platform for shopping enthusiasts

TechGlare Deals showcases an ad-free platform for shopping enthusiasts

Online shopping at TechGlare Deals is now hassle-free with zero ads popping up.

Online shopping has come of age, and there is a slew of avenues that offer products of every nature at good discounts. Bringing these exciting deals on a single platform is TechGlare Deals, and the manner in which the company is rolling out deals for the shopping enthusiasts who arrive on its platform is praise-worthy.

Significant about TechGlare Deals is the fact that the pages where deals are arrayed do not have a single advertisement that could prove irksome for the online shopping enthusiast. This, at a time, when advertisements flood the eCommerce platforms, comes as a welcome measure.

TechGlare Deals, an online shopping website, which has grown exponentially over past years, has brought to online shoppers much relief by enabling an ad-free interface. Users will find zero advertisements on TechGlare Deals pages, thereby making it an exhilarating experience as they surf through the most awesome deals available.

TechGlare Deals, a shopping website that has on its menu a set of regularly refreshed deals, is completely advertisement-free and thus provides a hassle-free shopping experience. This is because the company has realized that surfing through enticing deals becomes difficult when ads continue to pop up irritating the shopper. By keeping its pages ad-free, TechGlare has ensured that navigation is smoother and easier for online shoppers who arrive to look at and own the best deals.

TechGlare Deals unveils Android App

With users arriving in large numbers, it became imperative for TechGlare Deals to have its own Android App so as to ease the process of searching for deals and placing orders. The innumerable followers who have been using the app since a short period of time have stood testimony to the fact that the deals on display are the ones they actually want. Customers can download the TechGlare Deals app here.

“We want to position ourselves as a publisher of the Best Deals available on the online shopping space by offering customers a clean platform that has no irksome advertisements. What a shopping enthusiast would find on our pages is to do this by offering the user discounted prices along with the link to the product,” according to Harikiran Kodaganti, Head, TechGlare Deals.

“Shopping enthusiasts who arrive online would be happy to our clutter-free pages. The basic idea is to bring a shopping experience to customers who do not want to be perturbed by the unnecessary popping up of ads and ad links. The deals are prominently displayed without any advertisement in between, and that makes navigation effortless and hassle-free,” he added.

Deals galore, arrayed with users in mind

TechGlare Deals has four sections tailor-made to make it easy for online shoppers who come searching for specific deals and products. The four sections are:

  • Latest Deals: This section displays the Good Deals available every day.
  • Deals of the Day: Users will be able to handpick deals that are the Best Deals of the Day in this section.
  • Steal Deals: Whenever there is a massive price drop, deals that offer significant discounts are displayed under this section.
  • Loot Deals: This sectionputs on arraydeals that offer more than 95% discounts. If users are lucky enough, products could be picked at no cost in very less time. This section has Loot Deals that enable users to pick quality products at the lowest prices.

Products on TechGlare Deals are showcased under different product categories such as televisions, washing machines, laptops, mobiles and more. What becomes more fascinating about these TechGlare Deals are that they are strategically placed for the user to pick easily. Further, a search option is provided so that users can look for specific products on offer. The search option also ensures that no good deals are missed.

Products on the array at TechGlare Deals are placed after tracking all deals that appear on popular e-commerce websites at by 12 AM. Right from the moment the deals appear on these websites, TechGlare Deals also starts displaying them on its menu. Further, added deals are posted all through the day at regular frequencies.

Working for a noble cause too

Sales festivals are tracked by TechGlare Deals so that they can be offered to customers the moment they go online. The price details and availability of the products in the customers’ wish lists are brought to the TechGlare audiences so that they keep a watch on their products and grab them as and when they are displayed. On days of sales festivals, TechGlare also makes it a point to post a deal in every 10 minutes.

TechGlare Deals also brings to the fore Online Courses Deals from E-Learning websites such as Udemy and others. Courses are posted when their prices drop. Alerts on free courses are also provided. These apart, offer codes from food delivery companies such as Zomato and Swiggy are also offered via TechGlare Deals.

As part of its social commitment, TechGlare has also ushered in a novel service wherein people would be able to tag the TechGlare Deals Twitter handle whenever there is a requirement for blood or for financial assistance toward medical treatment. TechGlare would look into such requests to ensure genuineness and make sure the required amounts are donated. The company also would encourage followers to contribute.

TechGlare Deals is aware that social media reach out to people in much better ways than traditional methods of marketing. In this context, TechGlare’s Twitter and Instagram pages have been readied so as to make it a point that all best deals are listed for followers as soon as they are announced. Follow TechGlare Deals on Twitter here and Telegram here.

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