Research & Ranking’s Model Portfolio Clocks 79% Gains

Research & Ranking's Model Portfolio Clocks 79% Gains - Digpu News

Research & Ranking’s portfolio stands among the top five multicap PMS performers basis one year returns for the period ending September 2021.

Mumbai, November 29, 2021:

Research & Ranking announced the portfolio clocking 79% gains in the one year ending 30th September 2021. This milestone is a major achievement for Equentis Wealth Advisory on its mission to make wealth through long-term investment. The returns not only beat the Nifty returns of 57% hands down but also stood amongst the top five multi-cap PMS in the country.

Research and Ranking Model Portfolio Clocks 79 per cent gains

“Our performance is a result of the focus on outperforming sectors such as consumer discretionary, building materials, and chemicals amongst others,” says Jaspreet Singh Arora, Chief Investment Officer, at Research & Ranking. With a 60-40 mix between Large Cap and Mid/Small-cap and a beta of less than 1, the concentrated 20 stock portfolio has been designed to withstand volatility, provide moderate risk, and high reward for our retail and HNI investors.

The outperformance v/s Nifty and superior standing amongst the best multi-cap PMS in the country continues quarter after quarter. “Research & Ranking continues to improve its services and also add more offerings to diversify and expand the business and offer enhanced solutions to investors across the country,” said Manish Goel, Founder-Director at Research & Ranking. 

This news comes in the wake of the recent initiatives of the company. The company launched Informed InvestoRR, a product that will help investors discern facts and data from the noise around. To learn more about Informed InvestoRR, click here.

Most portfolio management services focus on ‘Wealth Management, while Research & Ranking focuses solely on long-term wealth creation. What makes Research & Ranking’s approach novel is the company’s philosophy of building a fortune through deploying patient long term capital on predominantly high growth stocks. The team at Research & Ranking strongly believes creating wealth overnight is not possible. So, they undertake thorough due diligence to create a mini-universe of attractive opportunities followed by the creation of a personalized portfolio tailored to the customer’s risk appetite and financial goals.

Stock markets are complex, where wealth creation from equity is not easy. However, with some patience, disciplined investing, and detailed research, anybody can create wealth. While persistence and restraint are traits investors must develop themselves, investors can have an edge if they avail the services of financial advisory services like Research & Ranking.

About Research & Ranking

Research & Ranking is a leading technology-enabled equity advisory service in India. With a team strength of 200+ professionals spread across Mumbai, Thane, Noida, Bangalore, and Chennai in India, Research & Ranking focuses on making stock market investing hassle-free, rewarding, and easy process for investors pan-India. Since its inception in 2014, Research & Ranking has helped over 23000 investors to fulfil their financial goals.