Essa Merchant: MD of Advanced Computers

Essa Merchant MD of Advanced Computers - Digpu News

Responsible for Telecommunications Growth In India

The telecommunication industry has grown and matured with lightning speed in India, and much of this growth can be contributed to one name, and one brand – Mr. Essa Merchant, the name and face, and the managing director of Advanced Computers and Mobiles India Pvt Ltd.

The brand, commonly known as ACMIPL, is a success story that brought many internationally recognized names like Lenovo, LG, Alcatel, Philips, Blackberry, Meizu, Motorola and more to India, and gave them a better opportunity to understand the Indian market. Mr Essa Merchant, the name behind the brand, through his endeavours and hard work, managed to bring alive many success stories of such brands and played a steady role in giving rise to increasing growth and market share of those brands within the Indian economy.

And with over a few decades in the industry, Mr. Essa Merchant is a well-known veteran in the telecommunications sector and his company, Advanced Group, is a legacy brand that is respected and regarded by many.

The rise of this brand’s success story began with its unique and innovative approach to mobile phone delivery, Mr Essa Ismail Merchant developed a last-mile delivery option for his customers and through this model he provided a quick, efficient and lightning-fast delivery service. Hiring bikers for this delivery model turned out to be Mr Essa Ismail Merchant’s ingenious move, and this is exactly what gave rise to his success.

Came with this success, an opportunity he built a pan-India distribution network with a strong foothold on every online and offline channel in India, as well as a chance to partner up with many leading and well-respected brands.

Owing to this, the Advanced Group has now employed over 500+ employees in its lifetime and has given rise to the many advances that have been bought in the telecommunications industry today. The brand, now aims to move forward into the IOT sector, using the aid of AI and machine learning to bring a new range of customized solutions for its peers, partners, employees and customers, and to take part in the new rise of growth that will eventually and subsequently come to the telecommunications sector.

With the lessons, he’s learnt along the way, and the experiences he’s gained, Mr Essa Merchant aims to pass on his lessons learnt to the younger generation through the way of his weekly blogs that he updates on his very own blog site,