Joon: Next Girl Rockstar singer and performer of India

Joon Next Girl Rockstar singer and performer of India - Digpu News

Joon is becoming a popular name in the Indian music industry due to her quality voice.

Indian Music is thriving from the past decade or so due to high-quality Music and vocal artists who are extremely impressive and stylish. Due to the surge of internet Indian music has reached every corner of the world and many young singers are gaining fame which was not possible a few years back. 

2020 paused the Indian music industry as no outdoor shooting was not possible. But few vocal artists or say singers still made a name for themselves with their impressive singing and style. Out of that top Indian singer we came across leading teen girl singer name Sohini Ghosh aka Joon.

Joon is becoming a popular name in the Indian music industry due to her quality voice. She is pretty young, only sweet 16 who is already a PRO song writer-Lyricist and a music composer too. Wow, she is a born musician. 

Her family mom and dad support Joon. Her dad always supported from the start, which boosted her confidence a lot. Starting with a guitar, she sees her father playing the guitar in no time she learned how to play it and guess what she is now playing better than her father. She is a quick learner of Music is her soul, and she can’t think anything beyond it. 

Joon started learning Music at the early age of six. In a short time, her talent was getting recognition in schools and every place. She has won much competition at her school. You will rarely find an Indian girl making a name in western Music as a singer and in that few, you will hear the name of Joon. Yes, this young singer started her journey as a classical singer, then moved to western Music. 

Today, Joon is a pro guitarist, master in singing English songs with the same qualities as foreign stars. She has all the abilities to become the next female rockstar of India. She is a complete package. 

Recently on her social media account, she declared about her new song. She is very much excited and looking forward to making a name as a solo singer. This song is dedicated to her fans, and it will be available soon on Youtube.

Here’s wishing new girl rockstar singer and performer of India Sohini Ghosh aka Joon, all the best for her music industry career.