AutoForSure to hire 1,200 drivers till 2022

AutoForSure to hire 1,200 drivers till 2022 - Digpu News

AutoForSure has emerged as a successful model for small cities. It is helping Auto and Taxi drivers who were rendered jobless during the pandemic.

In the current times, when the business has been affected a lot with the Pandemic around, we see a ray of hope in the travel industry for local auto-rickshaw drivers. This comes in the form of AutoForSure founded by Sarthak Sharma and his partner, Kushagra Kumar.

They both are 20 years old young engineering students from a prestigious Indian college, who along with their studies, embarked upon an Auto and Taxi booking platform for the people looking for private transport in their cities for their daily commute. During the tough times, COVID-19 halted the business of local auto drivers. When these duos collaborated with auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers, registering them on their platform after verifying their profiles and doing background checks.

Today, AutoForSure has emerged as a successful model for small cities. This online platform can connect with the Auto and Taxi drivers whose work was badly affected during the COVID times. In general, the travel industry has seen a huge loss, all thanks to the travel restrictions, including within and outside the city. This platform came online, allowing people to connect to the nearby drivers to take them to their desired destinations. AutoForSure helps in generating business to the local travel industry that has remained affected.

Founder-CEO of AutoForSure, Sarthak Sharma said, “We’ve seen a great loss in local drivers’ business, as they were only dependent on an offline halt-and-go conventional way. Many of them have a family to take care of, but since COVID-19 things have turned ugly for many. After we’ve registered them on AutoForSure, we have seen a 2x increase in their daily business.”

Co-Founder of AutoForSure, Kushagra Kumar said, “We’re happy to see the flourishing business for our local drivers. We all should encourage and make things more accessible to them. Keeping Hon’ble Mr Modi campaign ‘Vocal for Local’ in our minds, we plan to register more than 1000+ drivers on our platform by the end of 2022.”

The duo – Sarthak and Kushagra, intend to generate substantial employment through their platform AutoForSure, providing increased business to local drivers. They intend to go a long way in their venture. Thanks to the overwhelming response in their city and the vicinity areas, they now plan to extend AutoForSure to all the metropolitan cities by the end of 2022.