Technology will bring value in broking says BP Wealth MD Yuvraj Thakker

Technology will bring value in broking says BP Wealth MD Yuvraj Thakker

BP Wealth is devoted to creating digital solutions to cater to India’s growing demand for digital equity broking.

The equity broking industry continues to evolve before our eyes. One of the most significant forces at work in this change is technology. The advancement of technology has changed the way the industry operates today, and it has helped equity broking houses to become more efficient. The rise of technology has enabled the industry to personalize further, the client’s experience at every touchpoint.

COVID-19 has been the main topic of discussion for the last year, and it will be a crucial reason for either shaping or deforming the future of industries in India for FY21. Although the financial sector took a heavy hit, the equity markets have emerged as an unlikely beneficiary of the pandemic. The latest digital advancements have benefited the industry in innumerable ways, and tech-led solutions are fast becoming the foundation for transformation. BP Wealth, one of the leaders in the sector, has witnessed numerous significant happenings that transformed our Indian economy over seven decades. The company’s research team with a stellar track record to bring out powerful research reports has uniquely enabled BP Wealth to understand how Indian industries and markets function.

Led by the charismatic and tech enthusiast Managing Director, Mr Yuvraj Thakker, BP Wealth today is betting on technology to stay ahead of the curve. Mr Thakker firmly believes that the pandemic and the countrywide lockdown has been one of the most significant digital transformation levers. He feels the pandemic has pushed many brokers to adopt technology quicker than planned; many would agree it was past due.

Since 2020, tech-led brokerage platforms have seen increasing interest. Technology and digitization in the equity broking world allude to robust architecture, best of breed software, sophistry, speed and user-friendliness that has reformed the industry. Mr Yuvraj Thakker further adds, COVID-19 and the ongoing scenario of working remotely have pushed independent agencies and brokerages to accelerate their digital strategies to create more excellent value for today’s tech-savvy customers.

Mr Yuvraj Thakker, Managing Director, BP Wealth, says, “Technology has had the largest and most permanent impact on Broking. This trend is here to stay. The focus will shift from transaction to value.”

Yuvraj Thakker further states that BP Wealth is aggressively focusing on tech-led platforms and reaching out to more millennials and GenZ, who want everything at the click of a button. He goes on to add that, today, customers have become more open to digital & mobile transactions, which will help BP Wealth to deliver a superior end-customer experience, and in the process cutting down the traditional, paper-laden workflows, lengthening the time it takes to close with customers and ultimately restricting their ability. He adds tech will lead the subsequent ten decades in digital broking and provide customers with a personalized and engaging experience.

As the world continues to change and customer expectations evolve, the company is setting the pace and getting ready to innovate quickly. Mr Yuvraj Thakker says, “Digital transformation remains a top priority, and BP Wealth is devoted to creating digital solutions to cater to India’s growing demand for digital equity broking.”

The impact of technology on equity broking will continue to evolve and will continue to play a role in the sector’s evolution in the next decade.

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