An Entrepreneur With A Passion To Innovative And Create New Business Opportunities

Dr Srinivas Dubba An Entrepreneur With A Passion To Innovative And Create New Business Opportunities - Digpu

Dr Srinivas Guptha Dubba, an introduction to the man and to TrustLogics

Srinivas Guptha Dubba has always been abounding with an entrepreneurial spirit. Even as a child he was highly regarded and described as having ‘an edge’. Srinivas has never forgotten his roots and his meagre upbringing with his loving family in Karimnagar, India. He completed his bachelor’s degree with his accelerative mind, visionary thinking and a flurry of awards from various educational institutions.

The library initiative

It was in Hyderabad that his inimitable enthusiasm and sensitive perceptions led him to provide necessary scholastic books, at affordable prices to financially struggling students. His first foray into the world of business was this extraordinary library incentive that was not only profitable, but it also helped others. He lives by his own mantra “never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up. Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours”.

Think big, start small

Srinivas’s successes in this vibrant Indian city just the start of his incredible journey. His hard work allowed him to be the recipient of a visa to the land of opportunity, the USA. Having completed his academic studies, he realised that he had an appetite for intelligent business and started to venture into various markets. His natural curiosity and his need to innovate, invent and streamline strategies led him to create groundbreaking recruitment business and achieving a staggering turnover of $13+ million in under three years. Srinivas is a firm believer that everyone should develop their own skills and make them outstanding.

The serial entrepreneur Srinivas Dubba

Srinivas earned the title ‘the serial entrepreneur’. He successfully established numerous companies and managed various mergers and acquisitions in just over a decade. His exceptional knowledge and his willingness to share knowledge afforded him the honour of becoming a mentor and member of the Bank of America Advisory panel and the International Economic Development Council.

He was awarded an honorary doctorate for numerous victories in challenging vertical markets, and for his passion in supporting startup businesses as an angel investor; he successfully supports new businesses and guides them to achieve their objectives. He combined his creative talents with a sense of vision that drove his passion for ideas, new products and services. In addition to his technological achievements, he ventured into automotive, e-commerce, agriculture, retail and real estate businesses.

The next big thing

Srinivas created the giant cloud-based communication and profiling system that incorporates vast amounts of personal information including work history, qualifications, background checks, certifications and other crucial recruiting detail. TrustLogics™ quickly became the world-renowned SaaS platform for complex hiring and was vicariously described as ‘the next big thing’.

The platform provides state-of-the-art interaction that is transforming the hiring process. It is powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. It ensures conformity and provides confidence in an increasingly digital hiring process that is truly global in scope. Srinivas has built a strong foundation to establish a global technology company which impacts job seekers and businesses throughout the hiring process with international reach.

TrustLogics™ has gained national and international recognition and has garnered several prestigious awards including the American Business Awards for Tech Startup of the Year, and CEO Awards for Founder, Entrepreneur or Partner of the Year. The company has garnered millions of successful connections for job seekers and recruiters through the TrustLogics™. Srinivas reacted quickly to the global pandemic and the challenging times that it has presented by offering complimentary services. 

The leader

Srinivas’s family cultivated and supported his education and dreams that inspired him. Although he had to take a year break from education due to financial limitations, he went on to successfully develop various not-for-profit organisations by offering his senior management expertise and skills. In 2016, he wanted to showcase the immense struggles that people were facing with sanitation or lack thereof. He built the “Guinness Book of Records ‘world’s largest nappy-cake to create a visually alarming spectacle that highlighted the problem. He then gifted over 6000 nappies to people that had newborn babies. Srinivas believes that significant societal impact can only be achieved when people aren’t afraid to do things differently.

Srinivas has developed strategic business partnerships across multiple vertical markets, governments, non-profits and industries. The possession of countless awards in the fields of technology and engineering is testament to his extraordinary, dynamic leadership qualities and the exponential growth of his companies, new ventures, employment of hundreds of people and multi-million-dollar enterprises. Srinivas believes that leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and a way of communicating.

Not a man of many words, he concludes with “gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for our future”.  Find more about him at