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Avalanches – discuss, share, read, and post topics that matter with the right people

Avalanches is a platform that collects all credible news from reputable sources and displays them in one place.

Keep an eye on everything that is happening around, by following all the latest news and events on the new innovative platform! We are happy to announce a groundbreaking multipurpose tool for writing, distributing, and reading content – a unique platform for writers, bloggers, and the media providers – Avalanches. It is a platform where everyone can find something of their own, talk about the most concerning topics with the right audience.

How does Avalanches work?

Each user’s news feed is created on the basis of their city of residence – enabling them to read and spread news relevant to their region. By receiving user activity, regional news will move one step further – reaching the country’s top feeds and then get the chance to become a world-class news headline.

On our platform, you can also join the numerous communities or create some on our own, to narrow the news content to a particular topic. The Avalanches Group feature makes it easy to create and run an association, business, or community page in any location to get your target audience an organic reach. Find your like-minded people or gather your relatives and friends on one modern and easy-to-use platform to address whatever is important to you.

Overall, Avalanches is the best place to create, read, and discuss content that is distilled to fit you personally. Access to all of the existing trusted news publishers, no junk-information in your news feed, a convenient text editor, and most importantly- an audience that WANTS to read your posts! 

Avalanches developers came up with a unique algorithm to determine the level of user activity that drives your local news articles to the international level posts. An engaging publication from the City feed becomes national news on the Country feed. Only the most masterfully written highlights from the Country feeds of our globe enter the highest tier- the World feed.

Filtering Content On Avalanches

Talking about news feeds, they make reading news convenient with filtering by location and special personalization features. There are 4 feeds on the platform:

  • City
  • Country
  • World
  • Personal
Avalanches – discuss, share, read, and post topics that matter with the right people - Digpu  News

Geographic feeds are obvious, but the Personal one is special on its own. It allows each user to filter news by selecting locations, press, groups, and users. Subscribe to their updates and stop wasting time looking for the desired content.

As a little bonus of convenience and engagement, Avalanches has its own weather forecast on every post you see! You can check the forecast for your location on a separate page. The weather report on each Avalanches user post helps to immerse deeper into the writer’s position and broaden the reading experience.

Apart from generating your own content, following your friends, or being a part of any community, you can use Avalanches as a platform that collects all credible news from reputable sources and displays them in one place. This allows users to subscribe to the round-up of all official news sites and to read their daily updates in their own news stream, without wandering the web in search of reliable facts.

To conclude, Avalanches is a unique resource that enables writers to be as close to the audience as possible, a platform where anyone can stay in touch with the local events as well as being aware of the global happenings. In a nutshell, Avalanches is all the local-to-world news gathered on one platform. The media aggregator helps you to find out from official channels about the latest developments, and the local news feed can serve for hearing firsthand about events.

Change has to come! Register now and be in charge of YOUR news stream!

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