Replay India set for interactive gaming debut; to explore collaborations

Replay India set for interactive gaming debut; to explore collaborations - Digpu News

Replay India will soon be launched at a webinar with experts within the gaming industry weighing in on their experiences.

Pune, India, 26 August 2021:

Lining up an ambitious plan to transform the interactive gaming arena in India, a new venture christened Replay India is all set for launch.

An offshoot of Replay Collective, the new platform, ‘Replay India’ will have is looking to create disruptive entertainment with a clear vision to push the boundaries between technological innovation and effective storytelling meaningfully. Replay Collective is a video production agency that specializes in producing engagement-driven content targeted at the millennial generation.

Mr Siddharth Ganji, the producer at Replay Collective, is the brain behind Replay India. Replay India will soon be launched at a webinar with experts within the gaming industry weighing in on their experiences.

Mr Ganji has produced more than 75 titles, from interactive content to commercials to more traditional content like feature films and series. Replay India will look at collaborations with other production companies in India. It will also explore the possibility of working with top directors and creatives in the country.

Mr Siddharth Ganji has already worked on various projects, including the BAFTA-nominated ‘Telling Lies’. Seen as a game-changer in the ‘Interactive Gaming’ genre, Telling Lies had a whole new set of challenges that called for custom production solutions like never before. Such experiences have added to the resources and team on his side, which has helped him be ready with effective solutions to ward off any challenge that might come up in the future.

 “The Indian gaming market is one of the sectors that has benefited significantly in the pandemic with more people staying indoors and a lack of entertainment options. One report projects the online gaming industry to touch $2.8 billion by 2022 in India. This places India as one of the premier markets for content consumption, and we will see the casual gaming audience increase even more,” Mr Siddharth Ganji said.

Interactive games are usually single-player, with the player being more involved in the character and his/her environment, hence them being limited to independent creators for the time being and not being AAA titles. These games would have to be marketed heavily or catch traction by way of the community pushing it forward, which could take some time in India, but is the way forward.

Replay India looks to tap this market in a major way. Though the interactive sub-sector is a small portion of the overall digital gaming industry, it is still significant as the unified market is forecasted to reach $207 billion value by 2025. It is in its nascent stages now, but with creators from all over the world, and especially India, it could be one of the fastest-growing sectors shortly.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that came along are benefiting the Indian gaming industry in a big way. With people staying indoors along with a definitive lack of entertainment options, gaming is seeing a boom. Replay India will strive to explore this area with its original productions that will provide wholesome entertainment to gamers inclined towards the ‘interactive’ element.

Pointing out that different games have different ways to implement the interactive element, Mr Ganji said that the core idea is to let the character do more than shoot and reload – to really get into the head of the character and make decisions based on the story arcs of each character they interact with.

The interactive gaming scene is expected to give more opportunities to independent game creators in India and platforms for them to launch on. It will also provide access to experts and resources that would aid in the development of projects. This scenario is set to see a major player in Replay India, and it promises to be a force to reckon with in the near future.

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