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How Zoutons adapts itself with the evolving online consumer behavior?

From being launched with a working group of 5 people to an existing workforce of 100+, Zoutons has come a long way in establishing its dream team.

Over the past two decades, the retail industry has undergone a massive transformation. In the years leading to 2016, the Indian e-commerce market experienced aggregate inflation of 57%. And with further advancements in tech and digital media, the expansion only accelerated as each year went by, paving the way for coupon websites like Zoutons, a pioneer in the coupon industry, to tender a modern shopping experience and shape how e-commerce operates for the masses.

Even the savviest online shoppers struggle to locate suitable deals on the items comprising their shopping list. Zoutons acts as a bridge between retailers and consumers by delivering the best saving opportunities in over a thousand categories. From your weekly retail therapy for fashion apparel, makeup and accessories, to essential services like cab booking, and ordering food online – Zoutons has a coupon for everything.

The company has established itself as the go-to saving tool for millions of online shoppers. With more than 10 Lakh registered users, the platform is currently the second-largest coupon website in India. Zoutons houses a diverse collection of merchant partners in its kitty, having onboarded some of the leading names in the online retail industry like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Dominos, Udemy, Decathlon – to name a few. Thanks to such robust partnerships in the industry, Zouton users can save more than a novice by applying exclusive promo codes that do not exist anywhere other than the official website.

Changing The Online Shopping Experience 

Operating as a multi-brand savings platform, Zoutons grants the thrill of collecting discounts and the sense of power for bargaining the best deal for consumers. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate thanks to the functional yet modern UI highlighting top coupons, essential categories, major stores, and user reviews. So be it a store-specific search, an impulsive purchase from your favourite brands, or a need-based shopping venture, Zoutons knows how to induce optimum savings to your cart value.

The website also features a news section that comprises detailed blog posts covering everything from current and upcoming sales to new coupons, seasonal deals, saving tips, and much more. These blog posts are frequently updated as per the latest promotions, bringing you an in-depth analysis of how to make the most of your buck when shopping online.

With average monthly traffic of 1.48 million, Zoutons is ardent on designing innovative strategies to improve the online shopping experience for its users. Earlier this year, the company launched the Zoutons Coupon Finder chrome extension. This state-of-the-art shopping tool can be installed in a click and serves as a personal shopper fetching the most generous deals on all online purchases. The extension is compatible with all coupon partners at Zoutons, including major online shopping websites. As a result, users are able to collect concessions on exactly what they purchase, no matter where they shop.

Operating With The Dream Team

From being launched with a working group of 5 people to an existing workforce of 100+, Zoutons has come a long way in establishing its dream team. The company has hired from top-tier colleges and universities like BITS Pilani, IITs, IIMs, Delhi University, to name a few. The highly motivated team of professionals share a passion for e-commerce and function on innovation and creativity. 

The Gurugram based startup operates from its headquarter in the heart of the city, Udyog Vihar. Surrounded by a fast-paced environment, the office has everything an employee needs to experience a productive workday. The team of savings experts operate on diligent research, scouring every inch of the industry to incorporate the best saving practices for Zoutons users. Be it unique coupon codes that arise out of trustful partnerships or a sneak-peek into upcoming promotions, the humans of Zoutons create innovative strategies to fabricate the best user experience in the industry by making savings accessible to all.

Problem-solving and working towards a mutual target cannot be accomplished unless everyone is having fun in the process. When you work with creative minds in a challenging environment, it gives you a sense of ownership and accountability. Zoutons is fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded people who share the love for e-commerce and, hence our brainstorming sessions are something I look forward to.” tells Siddharth Arya.( Head Zoutons).

Expanding To New Territories

Becoming the second largest coupon website didn’t take place overnight. A team of coupon experts worked diligently and experimented with innovative strategies to redeem fruitful results. Over the past years, the coupon website has onboarded more than 500 merchant partners, inclusive of the top online retailers in the country. The company eventually expanded its roots to the US and UAE markets, creating Zouton USA and Zoutons UAE domains for international users. The US market, in particular, witnessed remarkable growth in the past year, bringing the consolidated growth in Zoutons to 150% over two years.

As for what lies ahead for Zoutons, the possibilities are limitless. Currently, the company is focused on mirroring its success in India to its international user base in the US and UAE. The target for upcoming days is to converge on customer acquisition by investing in technology and research. For instance, a priority on Zoutons’ To-Do list is the launch of their IOS App, along with the progressive expansion of the Chrome Extension to its international domains.

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