Mohit Bharatiya & Aksha Kamboj: A Love Story That Began With An Arranged Marriage

Mohit Bharatiya & Aksha Kamboj A Love Story That Began With An Arranged Marriage - Digpu News

On their 12th marriage anniversary, the power couple shares how their arranged marriage has transformed their lives into a beautiful love story that most couples crave.

There’s a general argument amongst people about how love marriages are better than arranged marriages, mostly because in love marriages you at least know the person you’re getting hitched to. And this is usually the main stumbling block when it comes to arranged marriages, people fear that things might not work out solely on the basis of you not knowing the person before you get married. These notions have just been instilled in our psyche by the society we grew up in.

Mohit Bharatiya (aka Mohit Kamboj) and Aksha Kamboj have been changing similar perceptions about an arranged marriage over the past 12 years. They strongly believe that their arranged marriage has turned out to be a perfect love story.

Having first met 12 years ago, they instantly sparked a connection and just knew each other for a month before deciding to tie the knot. As it was an arranged marriage, many believed that both of them would need some time to take their story ahead, but on the contrary, they hit it off and haven’t looked back since. It’s seldom that you see a couple click so swiftly.

So what really makes this arranged marriage so special and distinct from others? Mohit Bharatiya (aka Mohit Kamboj) says, “A marriage is a special bond that blossoms when there’s trust and understanding between two people, and I’m glad to have a wife like Aksha who has been the woman of my life since day one. We celebrate our love by being there for each other through our thick and thin, it’s a relationship where we’ve had to start from scratch yet it feels like a story that’s written in the stars.”

“Aksha has supported me in every decision I’ve made, even while changing my name from Mohit Kamboj to Mohit Bharatiya  , she supported my decision without casting any doubts over it.”, he continued. Their love story defines the true meaning of a marriage, the trust, the understanding, the respect for their personal lives and space, everything just adds up seamlessly.

Aksha Kamboj is a housewife and a businesswoman, while Mohit is a well-known public personality and a serial businessman. The busy individual lives they lead makes the time a very precious commodity, yet they manage to find time to be together and celebrate every occasion together.

“Both of us have our personal lives, but a marriage is much more than just living together, it’s about learning together, growing together, and being there for each other. And that’s something that Mohit does so well, the way he balances his professional and personal life is truly inspiring. Any woman would want to have a husband who puts effort into their relationship and I’m blessed to have a husband who does it consistently”, said Aksha, when asked about the secret to a successful marriage.

Mohit Bharatiya (aka Mohit Kamboj) and Aksha Kamboj prove that the grass is only green as long as you water it.