Are Start-ups and Small Businesses getting enough Recognition in INDIA?

Are Start-ups and Small Businesses getting enough Recognition in INDIA?

India is a widespread nation with about 6.3 crore MSMEs, The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector is a major contributor to the socio-economic development of the country. In India, this sector has gained significant importance due to its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country and its exports. The sector has also contributed immensely with respect to entrepreneurship development especially in semi-urban and rural areas of India as per the report of IBEF in March 2021.

With an average rise of about 18.5% every year in the MSMEs., it’s soon going to be the backbone to the economy, but the question is that is there enough done for them in return? are they being recognized or motivated in any way for their contribution and achievements towards the nation? the small answer here is “No”

The team at 999 Entertainment and Marketing LLP through their venture named “THE WORLD OF RECOGNITION” realized that the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow, do have the mindset and skillset to boom in their industry, but they might never be given the opportunity to do so hence they are trying to help young entrepreneurs understand the importance of marketing, networking and reaching out to the world by educating and recognizing their contribution in the best ways possible and have also mentioned some of the ways they believe will help achieve this

So, if they could, how would they motivate start-ups or small business owners to do better in the future?

Supporting their Initiatives:

It’s high time we the people need to look at supporting small businesses by buying from them rather than getting our requirements sorted from MNC’s / Big sharks at a premium price tag.

Giving them Due Recognition:

It’s very important to appreciate the true efforts taken by small businesses to sustain and survive in such a cut-throat market atmosphere who are innovative and do things out of the box in their industry by simply Awarding them with Ethical judged awards in each sector.

Spreading Knowledge:

The Internet has become a widely used medium in urban and rural India over the past decade, but not most know how to use the Digital Platforms to their advantages to reach out to the world Globally, hence creating a platform in Secondary School or Junior College and educating individuals would help to a great extent.

Funding & Beyond:

95% of people do not understand how do they get funding for their concept or idea from Angel Investors / Venture capitalists, while moreover they are even scared that their idea would be gulped in by a Shark. There should be a platform created to bridge the gap and set some guideline which would help start-ups at least look towards the sky.

The 999 Team is young & dynamic and they adapt quickly through the changing times, and with the world of recognition, they have launched a few series of awards encouraging start-ups, small business owners, owners of businesses that have a unique category or businesses that never get the limelight but are still of due importance.

In December 2020, they launched the Covid appreciation awards in which we took tips & tricks from industry experts on how to survive the pandemic of covid-19 and sustain the businesses in spite of the never-ending lockdown like situations.

Thereafter in February 2021, they launched the 999 people’s choice awards 2021 in which those who were tagged and voted on Instagram, were nominated and awarded for their efforts motivating them for the value they provide in their industry.

After the overwhelming response and love Team 999 received from these small entrepreneurs, they decided to do something PAN-India, and their team came up with “The World of Wedding (WOW) Awards 2021”, considering that “Wedding’s” ideally a 100 billion dollar industry in India, was 1 of the worse hit during this 1year+ pandemic and this initiative could help the Weddingpreneurs boost their morale and look at brighter future opportunities. They hope that this too shall see the light and love as they received initially.

It is crucial to remember that the nation’s success is in the success of start-ups and small business owners, and they are the only way we can keep our heads up and look for a better tomorrow.

They are idealizing every day to come up with some innovative techniques that can help the budding businesses become the leaders of new India.

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