Passion Vista felicitated Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh during their 2nd anniversary

Passion Vista felicitated Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh during their 2nd anniversary

Mr. Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh, The Business Development Speaker, Entrepreneur Trainer & the Personal Coach

Unified Brainz celebrated 2nd anniversary of its international magazine brand – Passion Vista with most eminent Indians in its anniversary edition “The Most Admired Global Indians 2020” which was launched virtually on 9th January 2021. The spectacular event witnessed not only powerful personalities but also leading visioners from different walks of life who crafts, curates and conceptualizes to all the industries across the globe.

“Success is measured in happiness and not in assets,” quoted by Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh, The Personal Coach and Motivational Speaker. Creative, Bold, and Professional that’s what summed up the personality of Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh. His creative approach to life has brought a plethora of personal development lessons to inspire the world for generating new attitudes and behaviour to shape their life in a better way. Holding an entrepreneurial drive for more than 15 years, he has inspired millions of people and coached thousands of business models, giving them a direction to map their journey.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful,” believes Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh, The Business Development Speaker and Entrepreneur Trainer. His persistent behavior, sacrosanct walk, and undying perseverance gave a shape to experimental learning that led his team members to achieve success in all the assigned ventures. Born in a lower middle class family in India, where financial freedom, academic struggles and off-road initiatives were just a dream.

Completed his graduation back in 2004 and did MBA in Agribusiness from IABM, Bikaner in 2007. “In my early life, I chose to gain more experience from the green field firms to learn the basics of establishing a firm and that’s how got an opportunity to work with India’s famous Agri company ‘Godrej Agrovet’. This is an Agro-Based Research Firm that exposed me to countless challenges and today I applied those and established MeTL Agro Limited in Tanzania,” asserted Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh.

“No matter what happened, I never gave up and kept on working hard, encountered all the obstacles and barricades, because, I wanted to achieve something exceptional and extraordinary,” says Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh, an epitome of success, drive, and hard work. He believes that every individual must have the courage to try something new and innovative to win the race. Ordinary and ‘me too’ are only limited to temporary success. Further, I got an opportunity to work with a company in Nigeria. However, my family and friends tried to pull me back considering it as an unsafe place to work. But, I never stopped. I trusted my guts and kept everything on to prove myself.”

Known for courageous initiatives, he has accelerated the pace of agro mechanization by employing modern techniques and imported machinery to permanently bridge the gap of self-sufficiency. “My vision is to reach the successful heights of net food exporters within the shortest time,” asserted in an interview.  Mr Singh highly recommends the rural banking facilities and deliberatively focusing on extending the financial services to the agriculture sector in Tanzania. “I am on a mission to support the micro-financing, commercial banks, and simultaneously provide the long term long facility with an intention to boost the economy of Tanzania,” says Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh, CEO at The Tanzania Tech Consultant Gillsant the MeTL Agro Limited. His remarkable efforts were appreciated and recognized at many awards shows. He was bagged with the ‘Best Employer of the Year’ in Agri Sector in the year 2018 by the ATE (Association of Tanzania Employers). Passion Vista recognizes such initiatives with a belief in promoting such prestigious personalities. To know more about the international brand checkout or to nominate for upcoming projects email at

Mr Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh is a man with multiple traits who master the art of human development and simultaneously guiding ways to their teammates to become a better person than today. Recently he has successfully launched a power pack book –“ The New Ways of Self Transformation” with the objective of empowering an individual to uncover their potential and work on their strengths and weakness to improve their performance at work place and in real life.

Such a dynamic personality has energized everyone to meet the challenges of the world and incorporated the attitude to keep hustling, impacting their daily lives. Revered as a professional icon in various media reports in Tanzania – ‘Kwa Ufupi’ ‘Daily News’, ‘The Citizen’ and many others.