Forget FDs and invest in equities for near-term goals now, suggests Research And Ranking

Forget FDs. Invest in Equities for Your Near-Term Goals the Research & Ranking Way - Digpu News

Equity investments are ideal for long term investments as markets are stable over long periods and generate good returns.

Due to the volatile nature of equities in the short term, most people prefer fixed deposits for their near-term goals such as a vacation trips, buying a new vehicle, jewellery or similar big-ticket purchases. However, as fixed deposits offer low returns in the range of 5-6.5%, one has to invest more.

What if there was a middle way out? An investment strategy which offers high liquidity with high returns.

India’s leading equity advisory, Research and Ranking offers an exceptional investment strategy named the Mispriced Opportunities Strategy which allows investors to capitalize on market volatility by investing in stocks trading below their intrinsic value due to events surrounding the market or sector or the particular company, which, are temporary.

Stocks recommended under the Mispriced Opportunities Strategy by Research and Ranking have a very high potential to bounce back, thereby delivering potential returns of 25-50% in 6-12 months. Under this strategy, investors should invest the liquid capital that can be set aside for around a year in 10-12 tranches. Investors can start investing systematically under this strategy for as low as Rs. 10,000 each month.

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Detailed Guidance By Research And Ranking

These stocks are selected after detailed research using multiple parameters by our team of research experts. Along with the stock recommendation, Research And Ranking also provide investors with a detailed research report that explains the rationale behind the investment and the stock’s upside potential.

Investors will also get access to information such as:

  • Purchase and exit price range for each stock recommendation
  • Regular and timely updates until the recommendation’s exit to track earnings growth/major events in the stock/industry.
  • A quarterly fact sheet to capture open and closed positions, profit booked/accrued of the portfolio stocks.
  • Alerts via SMS, email & updates for news/events affecting the recommended companies.
  • Exit calls on stocks recommended even after the subscription period.
Forget FDs. Invest in Equities for Your Near-Term Goals the Research & Ranking Way - Digpu News

Research and Ranking’s Mispriced Opportunities Strategy

Some of the past success stories of stocks recommended by Research And Ranking under this strategy include 31% returns in the stock of Hero MotoCorp in 40 days, 29% gains in the stock of Kansai Nerolac in 41 days, 42% gains in the stock of Varun Beverages in 5 months and 43% gains in the stock of Page Industries in 4 months.

In the quest for easy access for funds to meet their near-term goals, investors often compromise on good returns when they invest in fixed deposits. Research and Ranking’s Mispriced Opportunities Strategy offers investors the best of both, i.e. easy access of funds due to the 6-12 months investment period and high returns in the range of 25-50%.

For detailed information on the Mispriced Opportunities Strategy, visit the official website of Research And Ranking.