Biotechnology e-Symposium in Delhi: Impacts on human health in 21st Century

Biotechnology e-Symposium in Delhi: Impacts on human health in 21st Century

To address diverse walks of advanced Biotechnology, speakers from a vast horizon of expertise were invited

Biotechnology plays a definitive role in meeting the unmet medical needs and the advancement of the healthcare sector by bringing innovative new technologies and therapies to market. To showcase this potential of Biotechnology, StemMax Research and Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. conducted an e-symposium on the topic “Biotechnology- Impact on Human Health in 21st century” on 2nd January 2021. This event witnessed the launch of “Otlu-Academy”, a unit of StemMax which is established with the goal of training the students of Life Sciences and Allied Health Sciences students in the key areas of Stem Cell, Molecular Medicine, Immunology, Cell Culture, Biotechnology and Embryology, thereby, enhancing their chances of successful employment and a better future in the healthcare industry.

The event was opened by Dr Nidhi Khurana, Chief Scientific Officer, StemMax Research and had three sessions which focused on the ‘Role of Biotechnology in advancing diagnostics and therapeutics’, ‘Impact of Advancing Translational Medicine on Innovation’, and ‘Career perspectives in Biotechnology and Human Health. To address these walks of advanced Biotechnology, speakers from a vast horizon of expertise were invited.

“Dr Shilpa Sharma, a pediatric surgeon from AIIMS highlighted on Stem Cell application to treat Liver Cirrhosis which exploits the innate capability of the body to regenerate the liver. Dr Atul Sardana shed light on the use of adipose stem cells technology for the point of care treatment. Prof. Dr Arvind Chhabra, Amity University put forth various career avenues of Biotechnology in the light of advancing healthcare technology.”

The other speakers Dr Suman Chakraborty from IIT Kharagpur; Dr Kanchan Mishra, Surya Raktadan Kendra and research centre; Dr Nidhi Jha, Care and Cure Clinic; Dr Saurabh Jha, Sharda University, and Dr Rashmi Mishra, NIET enlightened the young minds by sharing their knowledge and experience with respect to the potential of biotechnology and its impact on Human Health.

From advancing diagnostics and therapeutics to advancing translational medicine, biotechnology is continuing to touch our lives in a way which leads to meeting the unmet medical needs through innovation. The seed of innovation lies within a human mind and if nurtured in the right manner will yield a fruitful result. Ironically, a large percentage of young minds do not get this opportunity where their talent is nurtured or they gain practical skills. The bitter truth is that “Theory” in case of applied sciences subjects can only do so much and most of it relies on practical skill training. So to witness the potential of Biotechnology happening in real-time, it is important that the young minds are given the right kind of hands-on experience and practical skills in the emerging areas of translational health so that they are firstly updated with the latest healthcare technology trends, understand the direction where the advancement is needed and finally contribute to this growing sector.

“Our idea behind Otlu Academy is exactly to help the students gain practical skills training and provide certificate/ degree programs in the emerging and promising field of Stem Cells, Gene therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Immunotherapy, Molecular Medicine and Basic Molecular biology skills. Our vision for Otlu Academy is to establish it as a dedicated Institute with a profound global network for excelling in advancing healthcare technologies where innovation is fostered, and students are prepared for employability in the healthcare industry”, said Prabhu Mishra, CEO, StemMax Research and Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.

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