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Entrepreneur Mahir Khetwani crushing Goliath with business acumen

Director of Rosa Group Mahir Khetwani is currently one of the prominent players in the real estate and construction business 

Business acumen is a critical leadership skill, allowing you to make informed decisions that give you a competitive advantage in the long run. Proud Director of Rosa Group, a construction entity that has turned the look & feel of Thane, Mahir Khetwani is a force to reckon with. The young is harping on his father’s legacy of Rosa Group and the manner in which Mahir is framing new opportunities and ideas is testament to his sharp entrepreneurial skills. 

Mahir started his career at the mere age of 23 and has evolved with time by gradually foraying into multiple sectors which include sales, finance and now entertainment. With time, Mahir’s dedication and passion to ensure Rosa group has scaled new heights and the industrious labour has yielded results.

Mahir Khetwani is currently one of the prominent players in the real estate and construction business who has set a benchmark by applying modern-day techniques that led him to stand tall amongst his contemporaries.
Mahir’s business dynamism, foresight, ability to evolve has transitioned Rosa Group to a new height. The earnest entrepreneur diligently worked for several years and the challenging time will surely not bog him down. 

Mahir is best known as a lively entrepreneur owing to his grand lifestyle and gregarious nature. Mahir’s Instagram handle speaks about his colourful personality and his amiable nature. Mahir has over thousands of followers idealizing him as an ideal entrepreneur and of course a proud car collector.

Mahir has a long list of muscle and luxurious automobiles; the fancy collection includes Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe and Mercedes AMG G63.

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