Inspiring Many More Women, Ajanta Mahapatra Is On Her Way To A World Tour

Inspiring Many More Women, Ajanta Mahapatra Is On Her Way To A World Tour

Ajanta Mahapatra simply urges all women to experience life all over the world

A female traveller who is popularly known for her love for saree while she boards flights and wanders around the world, Ajanta Mahapatrahas been in fame for her ‘travel addiction’ and king-size journeys! Her love for travelling started way back in her childhood when her family was seldom on the move due to her father’s job.

It is till date that she has not severed herself from her travelling tales as she jumps into the hobby of globe-trotting. Never has she thought of making travelling her profession given the serene feeling she derives from this activity! It is because she has managed to keep her professional and private activities apart from that she is able to practice her profession as a corporate professional and still be able to take some time off, packing large suitcases of memories and flying her way through the sky!

Having been travelled to more than 68 countries, Ajanta Mahapatra has freely explored the beauty that this world has to offer to its people. She has also been actively involved in managing her finances and then thinking about her travel trips since money is an essential factor when it comes to such an activity. Her main motto is to keep the fire of travelling alive and kindle the same in others’ hearts.

One can evidently witness by paying heed to Ajanta Mahapatra’s tales that she researches well before heading on the paradise places! It is her job before the trip that makes her more excited and enthused- looking out for places, booking hotels and inns, searching for places to go to, googling gastronomy, packing, etc. Throughout her life, she has been on the move whether in India or abroad. Nature has been one of the most striking features of her trips.

As much as she loves to rejoice in the beauty of life, even her followers and fans get appalled by watching her travel tales. With respect to her identity as a ‘female traveller’, she has always succeeded to inspire other women who think of doing the same. An inspiration and a source of motivation for many more women, Ajanta Mahapatra simply urges all women to taste life from all over the world! “Life is short and so is our age!” says Ajanta Mahapatra

When asked about her love for travelling. Always cheerful, happy, and smiling, she is a delight to other tourists too when they see her rocking her photos with sarees. The credit goes to her willpower and strength to sport a saree every time she gathers tons of memories. Besides her love for travelling, she also loves to read about different places and their unique features.

All in all, she has the urge to discover the world, piece by piece! Solely dedicated to her passion, she never fails to astonish the world where being a female traveller is still a matter of privilege and power. However, people like her set an example that all it takes is to follow your heart and make the most of this life!

Connect with Ajanta Mahapatra at  @thetravellingsaree