Ayurveda expert Dr Malhar Deshmukh giving a new life to patients

Dr Malhar Deshmukh - Giving a new, healthy and fit life to patients with his expertise in Ayurveda

Dr Malhar Deshmukh believes in the idea of people standing up for each other and admires the courage of people around him who do so.

India is the land of ancient wisdom and Ayurvedic healing. Ayurveda is still one of the most commonly practised streams of medicine in India and is quite popular in both rural as well as urban areas. Dr Malhar Deshmukh is one multi-faceted person who has acquired the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Back in 1979, his father started a rehabilitation centre called the Om Shiv Arogya Kendra, in Tuse, Wada, Palghar district, Maharashtra. Which is spread over a total of 3.5 acres of land. Where for over 40 years he cured people of alcohol and drug addiction.

When Malhar completed his medical graduation, in 2016 he too joined hands with his father’s cause and took over Om Shiv Arogya Kendra on 8th August 2016. Since then he and his team has rehabilitated more than ten thousand people from alcohol and drug addiction. Malhar says that He has cured some of the patients who had severe cases that even some of the good doctors had given up on the patients. He also states that Most of his patients come from all over the world.

Dr Malhar Deshmukh has not restricted his medical practices only to his centre, he practices all over the world. And that is the reason he has already travelled half of it. Malhar has a zest for travel. He loves to explore new places and experience new things. He also guides people on how to travel more on a low budget and fulfil their dream of travelling the world.

Along with travel he is also a fitness freak and advises people on how to stay fit and healthy. He himself is obsessed with gymming and a healthy lifestyle. He also enjoys gaming and makes time out of his busy schedule to play videogames. He has his own gaming YouTube channel, where he creates new gaming videos for his viewers. He quotes saying that “Apart from his professional career, gaming, YouTube and fitness gives him immense joy and fulfilment.” He is someone who truly deserves our respect and admiration.

To learn more about Dr Malhar Deshmukh. Visit his website:https://malhardeshmukh.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialbeniwa/