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AIMIM Uttar Pradesh social media & IT committee formed, appointed new members to their party

This step will bring more power to AIMIM Uttar Pradesh, and it will be easier for the organization to spread its messages to the youths.

All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen is an Indian regional political party. The head office is situated in Aghapura Hyderabad Telangana. Initially, AIMIM was a city-based party covering only Hyderabad, but with huge support from the followers and great work, they gradually rose in Maharashtra and Aurangabad.

The AIMIM party was founded in 1927, which is nearly 93 years ago, but the age-old process of regulating an organization will not fetch the eyes of the young generation. Social media is the only platform through which AIMIM can enter into the mind of young India, and to operate the social media platforms the organization was in need of high skilled social media coordinator, social media convener, and social media administrator. This step will bring more power to AIMIM Uttar Pradesh, and it will be easier for the organization to spread its messages to the youths.

After the COVID19 pandemic, we cannot organize big rallies, and meetings with a huge number of followers, by considering the fact of unable to maintain proper social distancing during rallies. But the power of AIMIM Uttar Pradesh cannot be compromised, and only social media can rescue us from this uncertain situation.

AIMIM Uttar Pradesh selected Afzal Anis as their social media coordinator. Afzal Anis is a media consultant, and he’s leading one of the best PR firms in India, named www.fametick.in He helps politicians entrepreneurs and brands to showcase their business on renowned platforms. Along with other ORM work, Afzal Anis also provides PR management.

His brilliant PR management skills rapidly decrease the distance between politicians and their expected audiences. His capabilities caught the attention of AIMIM Uttar Pradesh, and they welcomed him as one of their party members. Afzal Anis took charge of the head of Media and ORM (online reputation management) of the organization, to spread the positivity about the organization, which is much needed to grow the AIMIM UP stronger in near future.

Abdul Qadir is selected as a social media convener. He is a scholar MBBS student and recently exposed his social worker personality to the rest of the world. He distributed free ration to more than 1500 families during the COVID19 pandemic. Abdul Qadir is an altruist, and he knows how to do well while winning the hearts of people.

He is also the media promoter of Fametick Media and knows his work very well. His presence in AIMIM Uttar Pradesh will enhance the quality of strength of the organization. Abdul Qadir is very generous and wants to serve needy families from the ground. The pair of Afzal Anis and Abdul Qadir can turn the social impression to a bright side.

Shadab Khan is welcomed as social media administrator of All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimee Uttar Pradesh. Shadab has a fascinating mind, which knows no fear, even when it means working in a highly challenging position like a social media administrator.

He will be managing the social handles of party members. All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) welcomes these new members with high hope of achieving success to bring young India together, to make a better India for the next generation.

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