How Jiten Thakkar’s Platform ‘Local Forever’ Is Helping Small Businesses?

How Jiten Thakkar’s Platform 'Local Forever' Is Helping Small Businesses - Digpu News

Thakkar has launched ‘Local Forever’ which aims to support the struggling entrepreneurs by providing them a space in the digital world.

With his passion & years of working with businesses from different sectors, Jiten Thakkar knows how to leverage the internet to boost business growth, and Local Forever is a real example of that.

Jiten Thakkar, Founder & CEO of Local Forever, believes patience and persistence are two very important qualities for success.

About a decade or two back, it took a lifetime to build an international brand. It was too arduous to disseminate the connotation of a particular brand to the customers. Before advancing information technology, the only means to acquaint and educate customers about the products and services were Electronic Media (TV and Radio). The Internet is a household name now that affects everyone irrespective of social class, age, gender, or geographical location.

Creating Digital Media Presence

Nowadays, businesses and service providers are well aware of the Internet’s significance, especially their digital presence, to reach potential customers. As the digital landscape is evolving, the possibilities to exploit digital marketing’s vast potential are broadening. Digital marketing is, by far, a compelling element to create awareness about a brand or service. Data and facts reaffirm the impact a strong digital media presence can make on any business or brand.

Strategies for Increasing Small Businesses’ Footprint

Building a powerful and effective online presence isn’t as simple and easy as it seems. To evolve your brand’s reputation over the web isn’t merely creating your social media handles; it has a lot more to it. First step, should be to create your website space of your own where you can divert and accumulated traffic and serve them.

One also requires to hire a digital marketing expert or a full-service marketing agency to do the job of digital marketing effectively and successfully. Though, Jiten Thakkar, a professional digital marketer and a digital marketing consultant says “With little assistance, small businesses can find their space in the digital world & choose if they want to do everything themselves or hire professional to do so”. He has been developing and implementing efficient and profitable marketing strategies to promote small & local businesses worldwide. 

Local Forever

With his passion and proven experience of more than a decade, Thakkar has launched a platform named ‘Local Forever.’ It is a Local Directory aiming to support the struggling entrepreneurs by providing them a space in the digital world and achieving their revenue goals. Currently up and running in India and UAE, Thakkar intends to expand the footprint of ‘Local Forever’ to serve businesses worldwide shortly with his innovative initiative to get businesses online.

Thakkar has developed Local Forever as a beneficial forum for both B2B & B2C transactions. Whether you are dealing with another business like a wholesaler and a retailer in a supply chain or dealing with an individual customer, this local directory will benefit everyone. Suppose you own a restaurant or are associated with the automotive industry or real estate sector, or you have a valuable service to offer. In that case, Local Forever is the right place for you to list your business and services and get a remarkable online existence. 

Promotion of Your Brand and Services Simplified

The best way to manage your business listing on this platform is by claiming it. It will enable you to update your company’s profile and contact information. The listing can include but is not limited to a brief overview of the company’s salient features, critical services, links to the company’s website and social media accounts, complete address with location, contact numbers, and a means to contact the business owner directly.

Clients can also submit their reviews on your page, which will boost your credibility and eventually increase your sales. Local Forever, Thakkar’s promising initiative as a digital marketer, strives to simplify the process of promoting your brand and services. This local business directory will enable you to reach out to your target audience and provide you with a better opportunity to convert your visitors into clients by offering sought after services and enticing offers on your page. 

Affordable Digital Marketing Solutions for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Thakkar leverages Local Forever’s platform to encourage entrepreneurs to connect with their prospective customers digitally by creating a company website. It will help a local offline business or a brand go online and reach out to the global audience. As a competent digital marketer, Thakkar has crafted a unique model for fulfilling your business’s digital needs.

He has created plans for complete website development and maintenance services while offering his expertise. Not many people are knowledgeable about the potential of digital marketing in today’s world. Even those who are aware of getting their business online can either execute it rightfully or don’t have enough resources to afford this luxury.

For this reason, Thakkar, a responsible digital marketer, vows to help growing businesses by delivering affordable subscription models on his platform ‘Local Forever.’ His future plans include launching Digital Marketing Solutions on a flexible pricing structure as well as keeping them affordable.

Pocket-Friendly Subscription Models

Jiten Thakkar on his platform offers ready-to-buy website development plans to furnish you with a free professional domain name, custom email IDs, fast loading and SSL secured website, premium technical support, and free website maintenance much more at an affordable monthly rate. He is on a mission to facilitate small local businesses without burdening them to invest a one-time lump sum amount of developing a website.

You can either choose a simple website plan or opt for an e-commerce website plan; An enticing and well-designed website will significantly increase your business reach, attract target traffic resulting in better conversion, and eventually growing profit from your business tremendously. In a nutshell, Thakkar, due to his passion and commitment, will get your business online and give your project a digital presence without burning a hole in your pocket. ‘Local Forever’ is the most practical and affordable digital marketing solution for your business, an opportunity not to be missed!