10 skills to Elevate your Digital Marketing in 2022: Alok Badatia

Alok Badati, aadme.co, Digital Marketing,

The Good to be truly intense insights from Alok Badatia will give you gazillions of reasons to meet your marketing needs & career.

Digital marketing skills have grabbed massive attention in the past few years thankfully all for better reasons!

The way Digital Marketing has turned the table of how businesses reach their consumers who are extremely dependent on all online platforms for different uses is not surprising that the

need for skilled digital marketing professionals is on a rise.

But hearing about multiple skills it’s quite overwhelming for an individual which skill to target and which not?

Alok Badatia founder of global renowned digital marketing institute “AADME” and India’s leading marketing consultant & entrepreneur with over 50 K Subscribers on Social Media & YouTube has been innovatively impacting thousands of individuals across the globe transforming their businesses, & careers phenomenally have to say something about this.

Listing a few of the skills which he strongly believes will take a leap creating a huge demand among users in 2022.

Design Thinking Skills

According to Alok’s vision design thinking skill is the evergreen skill that industries are heavily investing in & recruiting in.

He further added –The youth today possess this skill naturally, a little understanding of the actual challenge, right buyers,& correct timing can give them a break to enter this industry.

 Market Research Skills

If you love statistics & noticing patterns of the market then this field is for you!

So, acquiring this skill for analyzing consumer data to depict their buyer’s journey & help brands scale their businesses can pay you a handsome salary.

Video marketing ability

Video production & marketing have quickly caught the eye of every market strategy today, considering it highly engaging among users.

So if you are a willing learner in any of the video marketing skills, It’s high time you pull up your socks as “this is trending and leading both”.

Landing page optimization

As long as there is a search, there will be landing page optimization.

Since 93% of search on the internet is initiated via search engines thus the industry is always looking for someone who knows- “how” of the algorithm making it a highly demanded skill in 2022.

Copywriting skills

Almost every industry has utilized the power of the pen to sell its products & services.

So, if you’re someone who loves to create catchy and intensified taglines or capture the brand sentiments then you can hone this skill to rule the industry.

Local search optimization

The reason why local marketers are emerging rapidly is because of the fast pace of everything going digital.

According to Alok, understanding local vendors’ needs & helping them get their leads will help them elevate their career in 2022. 

Audio marketing

After the emerging demand for streaming music & podcast, the brands are investing heavily in audio marketing.

The fact why audio content today has high demand is because it is more convenient for the consumer to consume making it breaking all records in coming years.

Split testing

Brands are investing a lot in understanding consumer behavior by multiple variants of testing comparing which variant drives more conversions & interest. 

Someone who has a keen interest in market research & understands human physiology can nail this skill.

Drip Marketing 

The folks behind marketing automation say that when brands nurture leads, they get 50% more sales-ready customers. 

Thus, the versatility of Email marketing makes it one of the highest paying digital marketing skills for cultivating a customer from a disengaged user. 

Omni-Channel Strategy

Today’s consumer is almost all over the internet.

This made the brands realize that they need to offer a consistent experience to customers across different touch points generating high demand for social media marketers in the future.


No doubt Digital marketing skills which were once underrated are now the in-demand skills estimating it to be the highest paying marketing job in 2022.

Thus, being a leading industry expert the only mantra Alok is preferring is “to be consistent with upgrading your skills”.

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