5 reasons to study Cybersecurity at PSB Academy

5 reasons to study Cybersecurity at PSB Academy - Digpu News

Learn Cybersecurity courses at PSB Academy for a promising future

A study by Deloitte states that the onset of the pandemic has forced many businesses to accelerate their digital transformation, and cybersecurity is a huge concern. Center for Strategic & International Studies said that a series of cyberattacks in the international headlines highlight the need for a more secure network. With credit card hacks, malware, phishing, online data theft, etc., coming to the fore, a career in Cybersecurity appears to be gaining traction, particularly in the post-pandemic period as businesses all over the world migrate to the network world. The necessity to possess secure cyber operations has catapulted the necessity for cybersecurity experts.

Why Study Cybersecurity at PSB Academy?

In the Covid age, hiring cybersecurity experts has become more critical than ever, as they play a crucial role in securing information systems and maintaining the integrity of any organisation’s network and data. CNBC reported that cybersecurity pros face a huge staffing shortage as attacks surge during the pandemic. Studying Cybersecurity teaches you how to defend computer operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks. You’ll learn how to keep an eye on processes and mitigate threats when they arise.

So, let’s see the top 5 reasons to study Cybersecurity at PSB Academy:

1) As one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions, PSB Academy offers a suite of cybersecurity programmes ranging from diploma and degree to postgraduate certificate and master’s degree. The programmes are developed to cater to different academic needs, be it students, early-career professionals, or even mid-career professionals.

2) Learn practical skills and information such as problem-solving, platform security, and ethical hacking. Learn about cybersecurity principles such as network security and vulnerability evaluation, information security, digital forensics, wireless device security, and database security, penetration testing, Linux shell scripting, a real-world Cybersecurity project as well as the functional and theoretical aspects of IT security.

3) Students get to study on a purpose-built STEM Campus. In collaboration with globally recognised network security specialists EC-Council, PSB Academy also focuses on training experts for the cybersecurity field to support Singapore’s growing data consumption.

4) PSB Academy works with industry partners. E.g., the Diploma in Network Defence and Forensic Countermeasures is in collaboration with EC-Council. Also, PSB Academy is an active member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) that connects students to the world’s largest multi-disciplinary professional engineering institution. 

5) The academy was appointed “Best educational institute-Singapore” in 2019 and won two consecutive Singapore Business Review (SBR) National Business Awards in the education category in 2017 and 2018 for outstanding work in the sector.

“A study by ISC2 says that with rising cyber-attacks, Cybersecurity jobs are on at an all-time high. According to an article by efinancial careers Singapore, Cybersecurity professionals in Singapore and Hong Kong command higher wages and enjoy excellent benefits due to the high demand and scarcity of manpower in this sector, making it a promising place to kickstart a career. These professionals work in almost every field imaginable, reacting quickly to real-world threats.” says Mr Ankit Saurabh, Cybersecurity Lecturer, PSB Academy. “The suite of Cybersecurity programmes offered at PSB Academy equips students with the requisite knowledge and skills in several core areas of Cybersecurity. The modules have been carefully chosen to cover the practical skills and knowledge available in the cybersecurity industry’s most in-demand specialisations. In addition, the course would offer new graduates, early and mid-career professionals in any discipline the ability to move into Cybersecurity” he adds.

Possible Career options

Candidates who are interested in pursuing or enrolling in Cyber Security Courses have a plethora of options. Safety Managers, Security Auditors, Security Consultants, Incident Responders, Security Analysts, Security Administrators, and Forensic Experts are all roles that can be filled.

Depending on the sector you pick, whether it’s banks, retailers, or government agencies, the role entails a wide variety of responsibilities. However, one thing that all functions have in common is the need to protect data from sabotage. Choose it as a career option if you’re ready to learn more about this sector.

For more information, click here https://www.psb-academy.edu.sg/disciplines/cyber-security-courses