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Why Zoutons Is The Next Big Thing In The Indian Affiliate eCommerce Space

Zoutons makes it a point to offer exclusive promotional codes that are otherwise not available for users on other platforms.

As a new concept, online shopping encountered obstacles with the Indian consumer base. People were unwilling to accommodate and let go of their conventional brick-and-mortar shopping practices, especially when it came to bargaining for the lowest prices. With the emergence of coupon websites like Zoutons, the online shopping space in India evolved for the better.

Between 2012 and 2016, India became the fastest-growing e-commerce market in the Asia Pacific region, with a compound annual growth rate of 57%. And with the advent of the internet and digital media, the growth multiplied as each year went by. Zoutons, founded in the year 2013, dived right into the midst of one of the biggest changes the Indian e-commerce industry had ever witnessed.

As the pioneer coupon aggregator of India, Zoutons was determined to create a brand for itself. From the beginning of it all, with more than a hundred coupon websites in India, Zoutons operated in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment that gave it a competitive edge.

The online coupon aggregation space is diverse, and Zoutons’ coverage of merchant partners is no exception. With more than 500 brands and stores onboard, Zoutons deals in thousands of categories that cover everything from retail shopping for clothes, footwear, accessories, etc to online services like hosting websites, cab rentals, hotel bookings, and many more.

Zoutons makes it a point to offer exclusive promotional codes that are otherwise not available for users on other platforms. In addition to the routine categories like electronics, appliances, or food and travel, the coupon website also delivers cashback coupons, bank offers, and special recharge offers.

The company also launched the Zoutons Coupon Finder chrome extension that allows users to bag saving opportunities on their online shopping ventures. The extension works on a single-click auto-apply feature that scavenges the entire webspace for the most suitable bargains on your purchases.

Zoutons Over The Years

The past two years have created a significant uproar in the Indian eCommerce industry. The consumers who were once apprehensive about online shopping now rely on it to shop for bare essentials. The sudden shift from offline to online automatically resulted in the rise of online users looking for the cheapest deals on every imaginable purchase. As per Similar Web, with average traffic of 1.48 million, Zoutons experienced a boom of 600,000 new users per month.

The Gurugram based company moved into its new office in Udyog Vihar in early 2019. Recognized as one of the best places to work, the Zoutons office space is always filled with the hustle and bustle of highly spirited employees who enjoy every minute they spend working at the new headquarters. From Ping Pong & Foosball Tables to graffiti walls and fun cafeteria space, Zoutons has everything to make a regular workday super fun and productive!

The Road Ahead

Over the past three years, Zoutons has witnessed a remarkable growth of 150% and surpassed more than 10 Lakh registered users. Moving forward, the stakes are higher than ever and Zoutons is one step closer to global domination. For the upcoming months, the company is diligently targeting customer acquisition by investing more in technology and research.

After the Chrome Extension becoming a massive success in India, Zoutons is ready for the next big thing. The coupon aggregator will be launching an IOS App for the Zoutons Coupon Finder and plans to introduce the Chrome Extension for its US and UAE consumer base.

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