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Since our inception, we are supporting Indian Journalists, news portals, newspapers and magazines involved in true journalism. The idea is to create a community of journalists who dare to speak the truth to power.

Developers are making more money compared to real news publishers

Journalism in India has not been seeing great heights in the recent past. Reporting in the print media and debates on television have been utterly demeaning, and scarcely qualify as journalism. In the past few years, we have experienced a strange dilemma in the Indian media industry. The dilemma is that news channels operated by technical experts make far more revenue from News content, sponsored articles, and advertisements than those news channels/websites that do actual reporting and journalism on the ground.

Having said that, we are here to elaborate on how we can help news outlets like you continue doing ground reporting without having to wonder about the growth of your news platform and consequent revenue.

Supporting news publishers who all are practising real journalism.

The condition of journalists and reporters in Tier 2,3 and 4 cities of India is nothing short of miserable today. While premier media houses enjoying luxury and comfort, ground-level journalists are struggling for their survival. Since our inception, we are on a mission to promote the digital news industry and helping regional and national level news channels in the following manner:

  • Increase Revenue : Financial freedom is mandatory in terms to perform ethical journalism. Hence, we increase overall revenue of news publishers through various modes like Banner Ads, Sponsored Content, YouTube Ads and various other exclusive programs.
  • Technical Support : Majorty of the reporters in Tier 2-3-4 cities of India are lacking with technical knowledge. It results unnecessary financial burden. We have experinced thousands of cases, wherein publishers paid even after paying they will never get the expected results. We at Digpu help such news publishers by supporting them in site development, server maintenance, mobile application, desiging, social media profiles etc. All these services will be provided Free of Cost by Digpu inhouse technical team.
  • Increase Traffic & Subscribers: Time to time we conduct live webnairs for our news partners on the topics like Google search results, How to increase subscriberbase , social media activities and many more. These webnairs are conducted by experts.

We are here to associate only with the publishers invloved in True Journalism. Your traffic, website design etc does not impact us. What impact us is your Journalism. Our existing Indian regional news publishers :-

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