Are You Looking for Surety in the Post-Pandemic Job Market? SKIPS is Your Answer

Are You Looking for Surety in the Post-Pandemic Job Market SKIPS is Your Answer - Education News - Digpu News

SKIPS helps its students develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and skills.

The pandemic has not only been a health emergency for the world, but has also wreaked devastating effects on the economy. There is no doubt that the post-pandemic job market is going to be totally different from the one we knew before the pandemic. Corporates are going to be way too particular about the skills they are hunting for in their employees and that is where Sant Kabir Institute of Professional Studies’ (SKIPS) MBA and PGDM courses are unique.

The SKIPS PGDM and MBA Programs help you develop a foundation of management skills and leadership ability to build a life of meaning and a career of impact. They aim at preparing you for the future and empower you to make a difference.

The PGDM curriculum at SKIPS strives to help the students reach their full potential. It challenges students with the rigorous academic program but at the same time, it makes sure that they learn and develop leadership skills that will help them sustain themselves in the post-pandemic job market.

At SKIPS, students are encouraged to:

  • Ask: The questions that matter and help them widen the horizons of their critical thinking and leadership capabilities. It helps groom the creative nerves within them. Something that corporates are very keen about having in their employees.
  • Think: Strategies that are problem-solving in nature and help overcome a difficulty or a bottleneck. The post-pandemic industrial market is undoubtedly going to be solution-oriented and a person with problem-solving skills will be almost indispensable for corporates.
  • Innovate: The thinking Ask and Think are then manifested into Innovations. These innovations are what will drive the future world and if one is skilled in manifesting his ideas into actual innovations that solve problems, it is almost certain that he/she will own the future.

SKIPS helps its students develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and skills. Proper training helps them get accustomed to working under extensive pressure which eventually leads to enhanced performance and consequently an improved financial position. It helps them become leaders in their fields and enjoy greater job satisfaction with self-fulfilment.

SKIPS commits itself to ensure that career-focused students have the market-ready skills needed to succeed & make a difference in the world. In addition to providing a challenging, supportive & inclusive learning environment, it offers an education and an academic experience that’s second to none – a promise fulfilled to thousands of students for more than a decade now.

SKIPS programs provide newer ways of thinking, flexibility, collaborative community, powerful knowledge, inspirational leadership and effective communication skills. This makes Sant Kabir Institute of Professional Studies stand apart from other B-schools. At SKIPS, students learn to outsmart the competition while maintaining the Highest Standards of Corporate Integrity & Excellence. Students acquire rigorous & Hardcore Academic Training yet with Real World Corporate Exposure.

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