Passion Vista Magazine Celebrated International Men’s Day with Rohan Mehta

Rohan Mehta and Passion Vista Magazine Celebrated International Men’s Day - Digpu News

Finding his strength in research, Rohan Mehta speaks his mind about how it was difficult to get his company’s sales going.

India (Delhi) –

Unified Brainz Celebrated the Success of Men leading by example with Glitz, Glamour & Glory on the occasion of International Men’s Day on 19th of November 2020. The world witnessed the most awaited event “Men Leaders to look Upto in 2020” on digital grounds. This glorious ceremony saw the presence of some most sought-after lineup of men leaders who were featured from different walks of life sharing passion journey.

Being in love with what we do makes the journey to achieve dreams plain sailing. All you need is the courage to not just fall in love but also rise in love. One such person who could accomplish this is Rohan Mehta, a.k.a Ro Me. He is extremely passionate about 3S- Stocks, Squash, and Spirituality. An MBA by profession and hailing from a business-class family, his dreams have been sorted since he understood what he wanted to do in life. He wished to convert richness into wealth, and with efforts, Rohan has achieved the pinnacle of success.

But Rohan isn’t just in the stock world because he wanted to make money. He first heard about it when he was a teenager. It was during his masters when he fell for stocks and decided to take it up as a career. Rohan Mehta likes to call his connection with the stock market “an affair.” He isn’t scared to admit that money was a lucrative angle of this field, and it matched with his dreams of making it big in life. To top it all, he considers being a Gujarati a benefit since he feels an understanding of stocks is in his DNA.

In the year 2011, Rohan learned a massive lesson to survive in the industry. He invested his savings in short-term trading only to lose it all and learned never to do that again. A positive attitude is something a leader cannot do without, and Rohan Mehta is a powerhouse of positivity. “Cry and Try,” he says with exuberance. “I opted to try and learned from my mistakes that I should never invest like this again. Trust me, had I not experienced it then, I wouldn’t be a part of the Men Leaders to Look Up To in 2020 today. Each failure has its share in big success, YING YANG!”

Finding his strength in research, Rohan Mehta speaks his mind about how it was difficult to get his company’s sales going. Since the stock world demands setting a process and then sticking to it, he found it a tad challenging. But discipline allows one to change what looks like a dark side into shining rays of hope. He knows how improvements and learning is a never-ending process and tries to make regular amends in places that require attention.

Determination and focus help Rohan pull his team through trying times. He doesn’t mind gradual growth and celebrating milestones than allowing hurdles to shake them out of their dream. Rohan Mehta opines that leaders should explore opportunities no matter what the situation. “As far as one is moving towards the north, it’s all good. When you reach the North is immaterial.”

Rohan always tried to stay inspired by the people he adores. “The globe has turned into a village because of the pandemic. But the internet and technology have made life easy.” He keeps a tab on all his role models, and seeing them create magic remotely urges him not to lose track of his goals.

Everybody wants to become rich in today’s time. Rohan Mehta’s plans for the future include solving the problem of making the rich wealthy. He also wishes to create 100x of wealth in the next twenty-five years. “We also aspire to be amongst the top three Asset Management companies in the world.”

Rohan Mehta’s company is one of the few which invests only in human and environment-friendly products. “We aim at making the world a better place to live in.”

Unquestionably, Rohan Mehta, a.k.a Ro Me is a powerhouse of positivity, passion, and potency. To know more about us, check