“Gusto with GD” a new entertainment talk show by GD Singh

GD Singh - Gusto with GD - Passion Vista

The world is a busy place, and wearing more than one cap of responsibility isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But GD Singh’s passion is one of a kind, unmatchable, and a stimulus for his achievements. A global management consultant, brand maker, entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist, producer, media host, and a World Peace Advocate, GD Singh is an unstoppable rocket who soars in the direction of work-satisfaction, passion-satisfaction, and life-satisfaction.

Founder and President of Unified Brainz Virtuoso Ltd, GD Singh is a zestful personality leading companies nationally and internationally as a management consultant. His far-sighted vision and keen business acumen provide impetus to guidance-seeking groups and people.

Such is the fire of his creativity that he conceptualized Passion Vista, a Luxury, Lifestyle, and Business Magazine, which received a massive response right from the first year. He continues to reign as the Editor in Chief for the global magazine, which will be completing its second successful year.

Education plays a substantial role in GD Singh’s life, which is why he pursued everything that ever interested him. He holds many prestigious titles like KOMR, D. Sc., Ph.D., M.Phil., PGDHHM, PGDMC, BBA, and MDP-IIM-C. Recently, he completed his post-doctoral degree, doctor of letters (D.Litt.) from Azteca University, Mexico, through a research-based thesis titled- “Branding- The Gap between Efforts & Success.”  The university also awarded him with a full professorship title based on his academics.

With over a decade’s experience in Human Resource & Management Consulting, GD Singh specialized in branding, marketing, and business modeling. He developed the mission to deliver everything his company offered to customers, investors, employees, and society at large.

Strategy, superlative management skills, and well-thought-out plans make GD Singh the visionary that he is today. He envisions becoming a leading conglomerate group company with an undivided focus. His moral code of conduct includes respect, integrity, commitment, loyalty, responsibility, seamlessness, and speed that steer him towards his goals.

A sterling storyteller, GD Singh visits organizations around the world as the keynote speaker and motivational speaker. With his latest venture as a host and producer of the show “Gusto with GD,” he is set to vaccinate people with an inextinguishable zeal to become a human dynamo like him. It will be aired on YouTube and on leading OTT platforms.  

GD Singh is also an internationally renowned trainer. He has assisted many leading multi-national organizations to realize the potential of their indispensable asset- their people. GD Singh’s style is a nonpareil blend of enthusiasm and a sense of humor.

With the philosophy to transform passion into a profession, he launched the phenomenal Speaking Coffee Table Book- titled Who’s Who of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Among his recent work he curated the World’s First Dark Mode Interactive Electronic coffee table book, “Unmasking the masked economy” in 2020. Both the projects have got recginised by The World Book of Record, United Kingdom for their uniquiness.

As the founder & chairman, GD Singh founded AACCI- Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Ultimate Business Network. The India Glory Book of Records awarded an exclusive honor to AACCI in the category “Fastest Growing Global Chambers Ranking.”

Besides being avid about work, GD Singh is also a big-hearted altruist. His life’s purpose is to see a smile on every face around him by following the doctrine of peace and humanity. He is the founder & president of WPDO, World Peace and Diplomacy Organization and was honoured with “Peace & Diplomacy Brigadier of the New Millennium” from SUNFO, Sri Lanka in 2016. The United Nations Peace Ambassadors Forum celebrated GD Singh with the title “Ambassador for Peace” the next year. He also earned the title “CPS Ambassador for Peace” from the Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka.

To date, GD Singh has published three books- Master Your Fear of MLM, Branding- The Gap between your Efforts & Success, and World Peace & Diplomacy- The Concept Unfolded  and with over twenty research publications.

Recently, Optimal Media, a Times Group Company during the ET Entreprise Icons, presented this globe trotter with the title “Global Indian of the Year-2019.” And these are just a few from the ocean of titles and awards bestowed upon GD Singh. A few of his bestowed titles include Prince, Knight, Baron, Chief, and “Count” & “Duke.”

Being unapologetically different, ditching conventional formulas to make his own, and fine-tuning the subconscious mind to act as a catalyst for the conscious mind describes GD Singh’s personality and success formula. He is undeniably a mover and shaker in a world of followers.