Meet Ahad Khaleeq: A 16-year-old digital sensation paving the way worldwide

Meet Ahad Khaleeq A 16-year-old digital sensation paving the way worldwide - Digpu News

Ahad Khaleeq has worked with various big names of Bollywood till now and he has a lot more tasks in the pipeline.

Meet the extremely youthful age a 16-year-old ‘Web-based Media Expert’ Ahad Khaleeq. A humble kid coming nowhere from the community became the greatest business visionary of computerized promotion skills and techniques. He worked with numerous superstars from India as well as outside nations. He made his name extremely famous by his persistent efforts, dedication and determination.

Presently he has made a huge name for himself in India in such little age. He buckled down and moral with his own work and to turned it into the greatest business visionary in India from the extremely modest community of Uttar Pradesh named as ‘Nehtaur’ from district Bijnor. 

Ahad Khaleeq had unrivalled ideas like ‘Everything you could ever hope for can work out as expected and I will ensure it’. Ahad Khaleeq has worked with various big names of Bollywood till now and he has a lot more tasks in the pipeline which is very admirable, he has such an admirable & cheerful personality. He is getting endless works; must reveal to you he is a fortunate person whose difficult work and ability are helping him fill quicker in computerized advertising. He is himself is a route in front of many computerized markers around India, without a doubt the most conspicuous name of Indian as Digital Marketer and in a brief timeframe, you will see him ascending on the top rundown of Entrepreneurs of India. 

He is now an acclaimed name and driving Entrepreneur in the realm of advanced showcasing in India. Ahad Khaleeq has an insight of working with the top most organizations worldwide and his experience of working with top most organizations have helped him to gain proficiency with all of the advanced skills and limited time things. His insight and his diligent effort have helped him develop his own organization. You name a thing, and he will advertise that with his phenomenal ability on the web. 

We know the significance of advanced advertising in the present web-based media world. He turns out exclusively for his customers for their web-based media the board, YouTube Promotions, Online Press Release, Digital advancement and greatest Articles. As we referenced above, he is aspiring and he won’t stop. He works more earnestly step by step and gains information. He has a lot more ventures in the pipeline to go through and he is intending to scale up his work and start an organization one year from now. Even after influencing a wide range of youth with his digital marketing skills he’s also an advanced influencer as well who believes in smart techniques to make a more smart and innovative influence on people gaining over 46K+ devotees on Instagram.