MD khan- ‘Voice of People’ congratulates CM MK Stalin for his success

MD khan- 'Voice of People' congratulates CM MK Stalin for his success - Digpu News

MD Khan, the state secretary of the Indian Youth Congress congratulates the newly elected CM, M.K. Stalin for his victory in the elections.

MD Khan sends a vote of heartfelt congratulations to the newly appointed Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Hon’ble M.K. Stalin for his esteemed triumph in the sixteenth legislative elections that were held on the 6th of April, 2021.

M.K. Stalin from Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(DMK) took charge as the Chief Minister of the state after gaining a victory with DMK alone winning 133 out of 159 constituencies that is an absolute majority in the state.

Mr. M.K. Stalin became the 8th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the 12th since the 1956 reorganization. He replaced Edapappadi K. Palaniswami, the former CM from AIADMK, and took over the office on the 7th of May 2021. With his success, the lengthy reign of AIADMK expired after about a decade.

MD Khan said “Mr. M.k. Stalin well deserves the respectful position. The people believe in him and expect the best from him. I am sure that he would be a blessing to the administration and the people of Tamil Nadu. Sincere congratulations on his hard-earned success and best wishes for his journey ahead.”

Mr MD khan is the existing president of NHRACACB South India (National Humans Rights, Anti-Crime and Anti-Corruption Bureau), an organization that works for human welfare in Southern India.

He is a professional advocate at the Madras High Court and an active social worker, well known for being the voice of people, standing against every injustice in society, and aiding the needy. Mr. Khan is also the State Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress who aspires to be a leader and lead by setting examples.