Harshvardhan Shahi – The Entrepreneur, Food Blogger and Photographer inspires the youth

Harshvardhan Shahi: Entrepreneur, Food Blogger and Famous Photographer and inspiration to many

Harshvardhan Shahi is the founder of Aurangabad Food Explorer, Aurangabad Insider and Limelight Creations.

Ever since school days, Harshvardhan Shahi never said he wants to become a doctor or an engineer, he always wanted to do something different and in a creative field but had no concrete idea about how to move forward. He went with the general path taken by any student in our society.

He took up science stream for high school, only to realise later that the thing, which he wants to do, can be done by taking arts! Therefore, he shifted his stream from science to arts in the midst of his 11th grade. This was the first step taken towards his goal!

He completed his graduation in journalism, which was followed by his digital presence on social media. This happened in the form of Aurangabad Food Explorer!

Aurangabad Food Explorer is a page on Instagram, started by Harshvardhan Shahi to pursue food blogging. Being a foodie, he began with clicking pictures whenever he went out to meet friends at some cafe or restaurant. This was a time when Harshvardhan Shahi was looked down upon and often met with a lot of criticism and mockery.

“People used to make fun of me whenever I used to click food pictures. They used to question me about what am I going to get by clicking or posting such photos”, said Harshvardhan Shahi. “I still remember so many of the Ye kaisa shaukh hai khaane ki photos kheechneka? Kya karega iska?

However, I took everything sportingly always and never stopped doing what I was actually loving to do,” he added.

Soon after gaining a good number of followers, Harshvardhan Shahi started digital marketing and consultancy for various food joints, cafes, hotels and restaurants. And the rest is history! Harshvardhan Shahi never looked back after that. Now, people before starting any business in the food and eateries arena, consult him. Aurangabad Food Explorer stands at number one position in Marathwada region having more than 45000 followers! Lokmat Times, Excellence of Digital Marketing of Food Category and Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2019 honoured Harshvardhan Shahi with the Best Food Page of the city award for Social Media Marketing of Food Category by MY FM 94.3.

Harshvardhan Shahi’s passion for photography did not let him stop only at food blogging. He started Limelight Creations, a production house that takes up pre-wedding, wedding photography assignments! Limelight creations is also gaining popularity and is loved by many.

Aurangabad Insider is Harshvardhan Shahi’s yet another one stop entertainment and digital marketing solution for not just food but everything. This is a social media firm mainly for infotainment purpose. This one reached 11,000 followers in just 4 months!

After being successful, name and fame is a given. However, interacting with others constantly and inspiring them to pursue their goals is something that is rare!  Harshvardhan Shahi loves interacting with people and is one of the youngest TEDx speaker from Marathwada. He has also bagged many awards to his name so far. Like, the prestigious ‘Karamveer Chakra Award 2019’ and ‘Excellence in Youth Leadership’ by YIN Sakal Group.

Harshvardhan Shahi definitely is an inspiration for many youngsters out there.

Talking about his journey so far, Harshvardhan Shahi says, “I never thought that someday I’d be a blogger or a photographer or a producer. I simply started doing what I loved to do and I keep on doing it. I never plan much, which is pretty contrary to what any successful person would say. But yes, I don’t plan. I simply focus on one day at a time and try to make the most of it!”