Passion Vista Magazine Celebrated International Men’s Day with Glitz, Glamour & Glory

Passion Vista Magazine Celebrates International Men’s Day with Gaurav Bargujar

Gaurav Bargujar is the founder and Managing Director of Brand Serve Pvt Ltd.

India, November 26, 2020

Unified Brainz Celebrated the Success of Men leading by example with Glitz, Glamour & Glory on the occasion of International Men’s Day on 19th of November 2020. The world witnessed the most awaited event “Men Leaders to look Upto 2020” on digital grounds. This glorious ceremony saw the presence of some most sought after lineup of men leaders who were featured from different walks of life sharing passion journey.

Gaurav Bargujar, Founder and Managing Director of Brand Serve Pvt Ltd., who is a curious and creative professional was one of the Men Leaders To Look Up to 2020.

After working with the Marcom industry for a while and having executed a mammoth number of successful events, he knew he had his heart set on delving deeper into the industry. Gaurav desired to enhance his relative skills further and came up with the idea of starting something of his own. 

He collected all the courage and motivation he could from his close friends and family to launch Brand Serve Pvt Ltd. Since its inception, the company is on a constant high by adding feathers on its cap. An imaginative view of this cap exhibits a colourful cheer of success.

The world needs more leaders because not everyone can steer work and content out of others. Gaurav Bargujar is all for this and makes sure to imbibe leadership qualities in those who he thinks have a spark. He views a leader as one who isn’t insecure about sharing secrets to become a director. 

Some things work out the way we want, and some don’t. Evidently, finding success in everything we want seems impossible since we live in a competitive world. Gaurav, too, has tasted failure and shares how he still encounters them. “I don’t take that as a reason to step back, but it helps me rule out the possibility of doing something. When I fail at something, it clarifies how all I need is another approach, not that I am not good at what I do,” he conveys.

Brainstorming helped Gaurav Bargujar and his team beat the giants of the Marcom industry when they started. They realized then that all they needed was to change their client list. Approaching those firms who couldn’t afford the established companies and Gaurav’s experience amounted to making Brand Serve a massive success. 

The word “risk” is an announcement of fear. But Gaurav considers himself lucky when it comes to taking risks with his business. “It always worked for me!”

But with that came his great leadership lesson, which was to care for the people who work for you. Happy employees account for happy clients. You cannot have the latter without the former. 

As a tip for the generation next, Gaurav believes that they are a bundle of knowledge. “They need to back their knowledge with expertise by learning from an established lot of entrepreneurs. That will build renowned leaders around the world.”

Rewards and recognition can re-invigorate any tired or overworked team. Gaurav finds his contentment in the words of appreciation from vendors and clients. Sharing the credit for the same with employees makes them feel like working harder for the next project. An exceptional leader himself, Gaurav confirms how he always practices this to keep the work environment satisfied and productive. 

One of the best features of Gaurav Bargujar’s leadership style is the freedom for an employee to work according to their comfort pattern. He doesn’t believe in imposing company prepared schedules and hampering their creativity. “I trust my people to provide the best for the clients and the company. They don’t need monitoring.”

Gaurav Bargujar did not let the global lockdown affect the company’s goals. In fact, he and the team decided to make “Work from Home” a lasting working pattern to reduce carbon footprints. “This will be our way to reduce the use of petrol and paper.” His passion journey is also visible on

From being someone who wasn’t born an entrepreneur to becoming someone who gave birth to some splendid ideas, Gaurav Bargujar’s story is motivating. 

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