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Dr Meena Mahajan led Siddhi Foundation distributes food to poor people only in Rs. 5

Dr Meena Mahajan installed many HOPE (Help Other People Eat) Food Carts in different areas of Delhi.

Siddhi, a philanthropic foundation, led by Dr Meena Mahajan, started an initiative of distributing food and goodies to poor people in Rs. 5 during the lockdown. For this purpose, Dr Meena installed many HOPE (Help Other People Eat) Food Carts in different areas of Delhi. She served food, fruits, sweets and goodies to poor people. She also made them aware of personal hygiene, the importance of wearing masks and using sanitisers and even organized a small yoga workshop to help them fight the Coronavirus.

The founder of Siddhi Foundation, Dr Meena Mahajan, said, “Under the leadership of our Prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi, people are getting the opportunity to promote Indian culture by being ‘Vocal for Local’. After the announcement of the Janta Curfew, we took the initiative in which we started distributing food and goodies to poor people in Delhi. We having been serving over 1,000 people daily since then. Through these stalls, we are trying to reduce unemployment, hunger and poverty as well as promote the dignity of labour, health, personal hygiene and women empowerment.”

The employees working in HOPE Carts are the ones who lost their jobs during a lockdown or the ones who are poor and below the poverty line. These people were trained about how to live a quality life and how to maintain cleanliness around them. They were given free masks, sanitisers and clothes. One stall gives employment to four such people. Siddhi Foundation has also given employment to the people who live in nearby villages. The disposables like plates, glasses are manufactured by these villagers. The profit earned by this foundation is then given back to them in the form of wages.

Siddhi Foundation, led by Dr Meena Mahajan has started getting sponsorship from its supporters in the form of food items and food carts. The motive of this foundation is to help other people with whatever they have, without disturbing nature.

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