College Vidya Launches Compare Feature, Bringing Transparency in Online and Distance Learning

College Vidya becomes the only dedicated portal for Distance & Online Education - Digpu News

College Vidya Compare portal is launched to compare all the online and distance universities in India on the basis of their real data that will paint a clearer picture.

College Vidya becomes India’s first unbiased distance and online education platform to launch a Compare Portal. The Compare Portal gives an upper hand to students who are seeking to get a degree through Distance & Online mode. ‘Compare Feature’ is an initiative towards helping students in comparing hundreds of distance and online universities on the basis of their courses, fee structure, placement assistance, Learning Management System, Mode of Learning, and so forth. College Vidya Compare is a portal where a student will get straightforward and unbiased information in brief regarding all the approved online and distance universities in India.

The Compare Feature cuts out the middlemen and gives students the power to choose their preferred university. 

In this regard, College Vidya’s COO, Rohit Gupta, says in a statement: College Vidya’s goal is to become India’s largest Online & Distance Education Aggregator. This portal’s unique and unbiased idea is that we created a compare feature, which allows students to assess all of the colleges and universities that offer valid distance and online education.” 

Every University claims to be best through various marketing tactics and this leaves students indecisive for a long time. To bring transparency, Compare portal is launched that will compare all the online and distance universities in India on the basis of their real data that will paint a clearer picture. Despite this, It has also been observed that there is not much clarity in the area of distance education and students often get confused when it comes to choosing any one university to pursue distance & online courses.

When it comes to online & distance education students often remember only one name and that is IGNOU. College Vidya Compare will break this chain by giving them authentic information and honest reviews about all the online and distance universities to compare and make the right choice.

As the pandemic spread around the world, distance and online education saw a huge increase. This resulted in education inclined towards an ODL-oriented model; the Compare feature came as a panacea, ending all the difficulties that students faced. can assist both students and institutions in this regard in the following ways:

  • The portal serves as a one-stop destination for all student inquiries, connecting them with their ideal universities.
  • Compare Feature by College Vidya is a non-partisan portal that does not favour one ODL university over another.
  • The Real-Time Data of Universities are displayed to provide transparency in university selection. 
  • Students were able to get admission to a variety of UG and PG degree programmes, including MBA, thanks to video counselling, telephonic guidance, and WhatsApp sessions.

College Vidya was founded in 2020, following the first COVID wave, and has since established a stronghold in the ODL Education genre. Currently, College Vidya has a list of 75+ online and distance universities that have been approved by the UGC (University Grant Commission) and the DEB (Distance Education Bureau).

 During the second wave of the pandemic, College Vidya provided free counselling to 5 lakh students who began higher education while the country was under lockdown.

Mr Mayank Gupta, CEO of College Vidya, expressed his satisfaction at the achievement by saying, “I wanted to create a platform that is free and unbiased so that it can be used by anyone and each one that is looking for the best university & its various crucial factors. Distance & Online Education is now growing immensely in the country, but still, it is not getting equal recognition amongst the students and working professionals.”

College Vidya Compare is the feature where students will discover about all of the accredited distance and online universities and institutes. Students seeking admission to online and distance education programmes can get free assistance from College Vidya. 

College Vidya is present on all social media platforms in addition to its website. College Vidya’s YouTube channel is constantly updated with videos on a variety of important topics, courses, and universities/institutes so that students can gain a thorough understanding. College Vidya is working to debunk all of the myths and misconceptions about online education, and YouTube is one medium where they’re making a big difference.

College Vidya has launched an effort in online and distance education to assist students from all sorts of backgrounds to obtain higher education in any region of the country, regardless of their social or economic status. College Vidya plans to launch the compare mobile application anytime soon so that students will have the ease of accessibility to select, compare and apply in any distance & online university across India. 

For any queries visit or call their toll-free number 18004205757