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The Biryani House to expand its footprints in PAN India: Sarvesh Chaubey

Biryani House is India’s fastest-to-be cloud kitchen network and the only company that offers more than 50 varieties of Dum Biryani

New Delhi: Biryani has continually been a conventional evergreen that needs no introduction. Among any age group of people, it is one of the most mouths watering and universally love indulging dish. Looking at the scale of the market and the growing demand for this cuisine, the Biryani House is expected to extend its footprint in PAN India. It is India’s fastest-to-be cloud kitchen network and the only company that offers more than 50 varieties of Dum Biryani.

The Biryani House is running on a robust growth plan with a view to make their presence in each state capital and different main cities of India through establishing a Master cloud kitchen which does 80% of the production and in addition allotted to the shops through one-of-a-kind franchises.  Apart from Dum Biryani’s in addition they serve Kebabs and Curries, which affords an extensive variety to their customers, their spices are handpicked which gives a true flavour to their offerings.  The business enterprises strictly follow the hygienic norms as in line with the worldwide standard stage and have zero-tolerance toward hygiene.

In 2015, The Biryani House commenced their first outlet in Kalyan, Maharashtra and is prepared to open their new outlets in Delhi/NCR withinside the beginning of the approaching year. In 1 master kitchen, there will be 3-4 district units and 30 outlets consisting of Food on Wheels, Fine Dine & Shop In.  For the year 2021-22, they aim to have 50 master franchises, 100 district franchises and 2000 outlets. Their USP’s consist of customer loyalty programs, free domestic delivery, competitive pricing and unique packaging for attracting the customers.

The Biryani house is the brainchild of Mr Sarvesh Chaubey, Co-Founder and Chairman. He came up with this idea after returning back to India in 2015, he realized that it’s far a massive sector, has a huge capacity and but unorganized. So thinking about the tremendous demand of Biryani amongst humans he got here up with this idea. Mr Chaubey himself is a foodie and a Biryani lover. The Biryani House has been experimenting toward bringing the right flavours, with much fewer versions and that they had been capable of hold 99% in their real flavours through doing so. They have a presence in Bahrain and Singapore and additionally making plans to discover other worldwide markets soon.

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