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Digpu Introduces A Reliable,Consistence & Affordable Banner Ads Solution – Digital Display

Banner ads are the most prominent way to mark your brand presence in the market. Different types of banners give you different results, for example, banners with a logo make people recognize your brand gradually. In a similar way, a product/service-based banner ad prompts new clients to visit your page and purchase the services/product.

Google Banner ads are expensive deals and this is the reason we generally see big brands banners on top of the websites. Running Google ads is not just an expensive deal but getting results out of it gets even more expensive. 

Google ads are based on machine intelligence and whatever you search on google, it will showcase all ads related to it. For example, if I type ‘BMW car specification’ in Google search, then Google ads will showcase banner ads related to BMW or other cars.

This looks good to the viewer but actually, I was just looking at ‘BMW car specifications’ because I was writing a blog on it. So ideally, showing the car-related banners doesn’t help the car company to generate sales.

In another scenario, Goggle ads rotate while browsing and visits and reader on the website will see multiple ads at the same time. It means your banner ads will go for a toss. To make this simpler, let me ask you a question.

How many banner ads that you saw in the last year do you even remember?

Probably, you remember a few of those big size ads that are placed on the top of the site and you remember them because you already knew that brand.

Unique Model of Display Advertisment

We established a better and concrete model for banner ad users. Initially, we have established our own network of Indian sites that will place Digpu banner ads continually run for a specific number of days and hours instead of an AI-based, CPC and CPM module.

It is a unique model wherein we have collaborated with 65 Indian sites that will place banners for a period of 96 to 8760 hours. Initially, our banner ad program will only be available for Indian regional news partners and our existing clients. On the basis of its success and performance, we will add more sites in the coming days.

How Digpu Banners Ads are more beneficial for Ad users?

DIGPU Banner Ads are 60% more affordable as compared to Google or any other available platforms in the market. And when it comes to performance, it gives you far better results in terms of visibility and results.

Our banner ads are based on simple human psychology. Assume that have a guest coming over in 2 hours and you get an urgent call from your office. Now, you want someone to hand over your house key to the guest

You reached your apartment security and see 2 people. Out of these 02 security guards available at your gate you have seen one of the guards several times and another one for the first time. Now, who will you hand over your house keys to give to your guest? Obviously, you will hand over your keys to the person familiar to you. No matter whether you know his name or background.

Reliability And Consistency

In a similar way, a user who sees a brand name/logo for longer intervals relies more on the brand instead of just watching a glimpse of the brand. The psychology of consistency works here.

A brand’s visibility on several websites at the same place for a longer duration will help penetrate the brand in the new and returning visitors of the website. A reader may not click the banner and engage in the first visibility of the banner, but a long-duration banner placement will help develop reliability and brand value.