Keeping India Alive In The UK

Aradhana Bhandari KEEPING INDIA ALIVE IN THE UK with her Ayurvedic knowledge

Aradhana Bhandari London-based entrepreneur is set to launch a wellness brand rooted in Ayurvedic knowledge on 6th Feb.

New wellness brand rooted in Ayurvedic knowledge and ingredients set to launch in the UK. A London-based entrepreneur is set to launch a wellness brand rooted in Ayurvedic knowledge.

Aradhana Bhandari, who graduated with a degree in South Asian Studies from SOAS, University of London and later worked for the international charity, Save the Children, decided to launch her brand, Kacchi London, after being inspired by her grandfather’s commitment to eating well following a difficult health spell.

After finding ingredients such as raw turmeric to be very effective for her own digestion, Aradhana recognised that others could experience the benefits, too. The idea for her business was inspired by her own sensitive digestion, passion for her culture and desire to do something to contribute to other peoples’ quality of life.

The young founder’s vision is to create a line of fresh food accompaniments that make Ayurveda accessible for the busy people of the UK. Aradhana Bhandari said, “I realise now more than ever that health should not be a luxury – it’s a necessity for all, and everyone should be able to eat well. However, unfortunately, many peoples’ busy lives mean their wellbeing is being compromised.”

The Kacchi London range is made from individually chosen fresh ingredients to support immunity and digestion. Backed by recognised scientific journals, the products offer a whole host of health benefits.

Aradhana Bhandari continued, “I truly believe in fresh ingredients and honouring Indian history and knowledge and this is the foundation of the Kacchi London ethos. The business is also symbolic of the family and was inspired by my two grandfathers.“I am also focusing on making my packaging and presentation as environmentally conscious as possible, as I don’t believe we should take advantage of what and who nurtures us.”

Aradhana Bhandari has chosen to take a hands-on approach in the lead up to launching Kacchi London as the brand and products are so very close to her heart. She used her previous graphic design experience to create both the brand logo and website and has continually been adding to her research by reading medical journals, with plans to share her findings on KacchiLondon’s website. Aradhana is excited to share her journey with you and has been documenting behind-the-scenes of the brand journey on her Instagram @kacchilondon – stop by to say hello and watch this space for exciting announcements!

Kacchi London is set to be launched and unveiled online 6th February in the UK. To know more, visit the Instagram handle @kacchilondon