Apollo Tyres urges everyone to ‘Dim The Lights’

Apollo Tyres urges each one of us to #DimTheLights! for a safer driving experience at night

Let us all pledge to #DimTheLights! to save lives -an important initiative driven by Apollo Tyres

It’s amazing to think about what would life be without ‘Light’ or ‘Roshni’. We would be in complete darkness. Thank God, every morning he directs the sun to rise, otherwise, we all would be stumbling and having to feel our way around. Although light illuminates, gives, and saves lives, it can also cost a few lives!

Once the sun goes down, driving becomes more dangerous because 90% of a driver’s reaction depends on vision, and vision is severely limited at night. And we resort to using high beams which if not used properly can result in fatal accidents.

Apollo Tyres is reminding us how dangerously powerful light can be and has taken up this serious cause to #DimTheLights! today for a brighter tomorrow, an eye-opener on how the incorrect use of blinding high beams could cost lives! So, get your act together and pledge to #DimtheLights! to save a life.

When to Use and When Not to Use High Beam Lights

Driving on roads comes with potential risks. It is imperative to pay attention, stay alert, and drive cautiously to avoid an accident, especially at night. Unfortunately, it isn’t just the dark that creates the visibility problems; many drivers’ inability to use their bright lights properly due to lack of ignorance adds to potential “blinding” accidents. In India, 74% of vehicles use high beam lights that can lead to accidents. So, be an informed driver and don’t add to poor visibility woes by misusing your lights.

When to Use High Beam Lights

  • When it’s difficult to see, you are in a poorly lit area or dark patches and no one is in front of you.
  • When you’re at least 200-300 feet away from the vehicle you are following.
  • When you’re at least 500 feet away from the oncoming traffic and need high beams to see the road.

When you need to lower or turn off the High Beam Lights

  • When traffic is approaching you from the opposite side. Don’t risk blinding or distracting oncoming traffic; turn your lights off to avoid a mishap.
  • When you are on the highway and there is traffic coming towards you from the other lanes.
  • When you are driving in foggy weather. Fog particles can reflect high beams to you, making it even harder to see.
  • When you are at intersections and stop signs. It may seem no one is around you and you could end up blinding fellow drivers on the crossing roads with glaring lights.
  • When you are going uphill. While it is difficult to anticipate an approaching car on the other side of the hill; decrease the risk of distracting another driver by lowering bright lights.

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/hlPkRfz-1JM

At the end of the day, your safety is in your hands. Every driver on the road, especially truck drivers, cab drivers, and delivery executives spend their nights on the go, miles away from their loved ones. Let’s pledge to spread the word about high beam safety, to use dipper at night, and support Apollo Tyres’ #DimtheLights! to save lives and ensure every individual experience a safe, comfortable and healthy ride.

For more information, click here http://apollotyresdimthelights.com/