Amit Singh: The Man Behind the Rise of Modern Security Force

Amit Singh The Man Behind the Rise of Modern Security Force - Digpu News

Amit Singh is the man behind Modern Security Force’s growth. The 1000+ crore turnover company is India’s premium security solutions provider.

Security is a vital aspect of our society across personal as well as professional domains. Everyone needs a sense of security when it comes to them and their assets. And that’s where Amit Singh’s Modern Security Force (MSF) comes into play. Because they pride themselves on their strong and safe security solutions.

Amit Singh’s team has designed tailor-made solutions based on your requirements, irrespective of whether you need security services for large, medium, small, and micro-businesses across industries. 

Leading by example 

Mr Amit Singh, Modern Security Force’s Director, is a leader in true sense, a leader who leads by example. Integrity has been instilled deep into the roots of everything associated with MSF

He believes in his team and encourages them to take vital decisions when needed, this is one of the main reasons of a happy workforce which has led his Modern Security Force to the heights they are at right now.

Under his tutelage, MSF has developed cutting-edge solutions that not only enhances the business value but also makes sure that they are delivering quality to each and every customer. 

Along with working on becoming a better leader and improving his organization, Amit Singh does not neglect MSF’s commitment towards giving back to the society. His initiatives also consist of brilliant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities across various fields like Environment, Healthcare, Education, and Rural employment. 

About Modern Security Force

Modern Security Force is a premium security services provider that’s competing with major players in India.

One of the primary reasons for their current status is that they emphasize on providing first-class quality and professional services. With the focus being on ensuring that their clients receive unrivalled security solutions that exceed the client’s expectations. 

Undertaking innovative initiatives

Mr. Amit Singh and his team have brought many innovations in their field operations along with other services. MSF has started reporting through M-Audit and EFSR for better transparency and efficiency. They have also launched a mobile application named “MSF Veer” through which they provide online training to security personnel. Moreover, they have developed another app called “Raksha”, with the primary objective of the app being the protection of the citizens. 

The numbers behind the name

The strength of the organization backs their ability to execute their vision seamlessly. With over 45,000 guards across pan India along with 15,000+ employees for facility management, and 1200+ employees in administration, Modern Security Force is truly a force to be reckoned with. They also have one of the largest command centres in India along with a network of more than 62 offices along with 10 regional offices that forms the backbone of the biggest QRT (quick response team) in the nation.

Strategies to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on the business

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has severely dented businesses across multiple sectors, the impact on MSF as a business entity has been absolutely minimal. On the contrary, Mr. Amit Singh believes that his organization has actually emerged stronger during this period. He also thinks that It was a great opportunity for MSF to reinforce the trust of their clients through their excellent security services. Mr. Amit Singh also believes that the security services market, which is a largely unorganized sector, will soon become an organized one. 

A clientele that spans across industries and geographies
Mr. Amit Singh’s MSF lends its services across industries and sectors like Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), E-Commerce & logistics, Healthcare, Airports, Ports, IT & ITES, Power and many more. Modern Security Force’s (MSFs)widespread clientele underpins the versatility of their security solutions. 

Amit Singh’s MSF growth vision going forward

“We have always believed in organic growth as one of our strategic pillars for the development of our company. We are also looking to expand our business through suitable acquisitions & joint ventures. In the next 2-3 years, we are aiming to set up our operations overseas. We also intend to file an IPO and get listed on the stock exchange in the next 4-5 years”, says Amit Singh, Modern Security Force (MSF).